Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday 2 Our Little Lote!! :D

Today is our little Lote's 7th birthday. Hoko & I ran 2 Walmart last night 2 get 30 cupcakes 2 take 4 Lote's class 2 celebrate her birthday with her. They are also going off track & so we're signing them up 4 off track camp. :D

This princess of ours was born March 27, 2002. She was only 6lbs 3 oz. She was quite the handful when we had her. My mom came & stayed with us when she was born 2 help us out with her. She's always been surrounded with love throughout her life, but what I think is AMAZING about this little girl of ours is how much LOVE she seems 2 give freely 2 all who come into her life. She is our little NURTURER in the family. Whenever anyone's hurt or feeling down, she naturally takes it upon herself 2 comfort them.

She's our little momma in our family. I love her so much. She's truly a constant reminder in my life of how much more Christ like I can be. She's an absolute BLESSING in our family & we're so GRATEFUL 2 have her in our lives. This post is dedicated 2 our little Lote 4 all that she does 2 keep our family going & striving 4 in life. We love you so much Lote!!

So I felt the need 2 continue this post since we hadn't done anything 4 Lote's bday til after she got out of school. We took cupcakes 4 her class which they all loved since it had little plastic rings on top that they could all keep. 2 my surprise, even the boys were excited 4 the rings. Hahaha. . . .After we picked her up, we went home & got her dressed up 2 go play @ the McDonald's playhouse & then we headed 2 our movie afterward.

We watched Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. It was a packed show & we loved every minute of it. It was such a GREAT movie with such an GREAT lesson 2 be learned in it. I recommend this movie 2 all!! :D We didn't have time 2 take Lote 4 her 1st pedicure yesterday so we took her today. She loved it!! Her auntie Lote came by as well bearing gifts 4 her & she was EXTREMELY happy!! We love our little 'FATSO' even though she's not so little anymore. She's AWESOME & I hope she knows just how GREAT of an addition she is in our family!! :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The SECRET To You. . . . .

I am currently reading this book called, 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne.  The 1st time I heard of this 'SECRET' was a couple of years ago when it 1st came out.  I was sitting in my living room 4 my usual 4 o'clock session with Oprah.  Lol.  And lo & behold. . . .it was the topic 4 the show.  She had Rhonda Byrne on there as well as many of the living philosophers in the book.  It was AMAZING & one of those things that got me so EXCITED, yet curious 4 what it was all about.  I remember clearly, Oprah repeating herself & saying that she never knew that the 'Secret' was a secret @ all.  All the principles taught in it was something she always lived her life by.  It never occurred 2 her that it wasn't known by all.

Well, obviously I didn't act on my EXCITEMENT 2 run out & buy this book/dvd or even get the audio cause here I am. . . .How many years later??  Blogging about how EXCITED I am 2 be finally reading it.  Lol.  

I was with one of my GREAT friends, Kassie, the other night.  We were @ our South Jordan Rec Center waiting out in the hallway 4 our Zumba class 2 start & she started 2 ask me if I've read, 'The Alchemist.'  I told her no & asked what kind of book it was & what was it about.  She proceeded 2 ask me if I've read, 'The Secret.'  I told her NO, again, but that I've always wanted 2 read it.  Well, she has read, 'The Secret' & said that it is wayyy GOOD.  I felt so ENRICHED & just plain GREAT after our Zumba class that when I got home, my husband & I headed 2 Barnes & Noble & picked up this AWESOME, LIFE-CHANGING book.  We also got the audio so I can listen 2 it in the car as well as on my ipod while I'm running so I can be totally CONSUMED with the wonderful PRINCIPLES being shared in it.  :D  

I'm happy 2 say that I've decided 2 read it one time through so I can start 2 take it all in.  And then when I'm done, re-read it immediately, but take notes & study it more.  One of the principles shared in this book that I read yesterday & re-read 2day is this:  'Make it a daily habit 2 determine every event in your life in advance, through your thoughts.  Set the Universal forces ahead of you in everything you do & everywhere you go, by thinking the way you want it to go in advance.  Then you are creating your life intentionally.'  I know I know. . . .Good stuff, right?  

I'm so excited about this book & how it's going 2 change my life that I HAD 2 share it with all of you!!  Taking BACK control of your life is the 1st step 2wards TRUE HAPPINESS!!  I honestly believe that.  D:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why 'ZUMBA' Is Sweeping The Nation??

Straight from a CNN article:

It's not a dance club. This is a regular morning exercise class at the YMCA in Alpharetta, Georgia. It's called Zumba.

Part dance, part aerobics, Zumba is an hour long routine that works almost every muscle in the body.

"It is dance fitness," explained Stephanie Maxim, one of two class instructors. "We teach them moves that you can see on 'Dancing with the Stars': salsa, mambo, cha-cha, and we put it into a group fitness format."

"It's not like a workout," explained Diane Walterstiel, 55, of Alpharetta. "Before I come, I'm tense, but when I leave, I could kiss the world."

2night was a 1st 4 both Kassie & I. We decided 2 try out this new workout class that has been sweeping the nation & is now reaching Utah. My cousin, Soloi, has been participating in her Zumba class since the beginning of the year & has lost 30 lbs & counting. Definitely a motivation in what got me 2 finally get my butt 2 my local rec center & check it out. Because Hoko & I already have passes @ our rec, it's totally included in our couple's pass. :D

Our instructor, Shaylene, has got 2 be the most ENERGETIC & POSITIVE person I've ever met!! It's great!! She kept us going 4 the WHOLE hour long session that it was. Lol!! Both Kassie & I were huffin' & puffin' yet when we looked @ the clock, we were only 20 min into the workout. Hahahaha!! It was great though. We were moving our feet the WHOLE time. My thighs felt like they were going 2 give way @ any time. Lol!!

It was definitely ALL worth it. The next class is 2morrow morning @ 5:30 & we're both going 2 try our best 2 wake up that early & head 2 Zumba class. Lol. That's how good it is. Hahaha!! We felt so GREAT afterwards & after getting past the 1st 20 min, the rest of the hour seemed 2 just fly by. I definitely recommend this class 2 everyone who has difficulty keeping 2 a workout because this one is just way too much FUN 2 pass up.

It put me in such a GREAT mood & BRIGHTENED up my day!! Kassie also recommended a book 2 me that I've been dying 2 read, anyway. It's called, 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. My husband & I headed 2 Barnes & Noble when I got home & picked up this AWESOME & LIFE CHANGING book as well as the audio so I could listen 2 it while I'm on the elyptical. I'm so HIGH on life right now it's FANTASTIC!! I'm so HAPPY & EXCITED 4 all life has 2 offer. Both the ups & downs are life lessons that we can all learn from & come out on TOP!! I truly believe that & have seen it happen in my own life. And all this. . . .from a so called workout class!! It's definitely more like a 'PARTY!!' Hahaha!! It's AWESOME!! :D

Monday, March 23, 2009


So I'm officially putting it out there as my way of disciplining myself into getting my real estate courses all done by April 3rd.  Which is next Friday!!  YIKES!!  This is how EXCITED & how MOTIVATED I am 2 get it done so that I can hurry up & prepare 4 the state exam.  The weather should be warming up soon enough & that's when it's pretty much PRIME time 4 buying homes.  There are extra incentives out there 4 1st time home buyers so it's definitely a buyer's market right now.  Take advantage of these different opportunities because while the market may be down @ this time, real estate is an ever changing market & it can/will go up at any time.  Let me know what your plans are & I'll do my best 2 accommodate all your needs as well as make the home buying process as painless, but yet ENJOYABLE as I possibly can.  :D  With that said. . . .  'THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!'  

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This past weekend we were blessed 2 be able 2 spend more time with our families in Orem & some 4rom Seattle.  We met up 4 dinner with everyone on Friday night & we had a blast.  There definitely wasn't enough time 2 get caught up with everyone.  :(  We took a ton of pictures before departing our separate ways, but I'm happy 2 say that some of us were heading 2 a reggae concert afterward so we were still able 2 hang out 4 a little while longer.  :D  

After another hectic week has passed by, it's great 2 be able 2 unwind with great food & great company.  We took our kids swimming yesterday & since I've been so sick w/the flu this past week, my legs were killing me.  Lol.  I'm ready 2 get back on track @ the start of this new week & stay focused on staying consistent with my workouts.  

The sunday school lesson 2day really helped me 2 remember what's truly important in life.  2 always put the Lord 1st & everything else will fall into place.  I'm so grateful 4 such great family 4 they truly help me 2 remember who I am.  I'm grateful 4 a loving Heavenly Father that continues 2 bless my life everyday by surrounding me with all that life has 2 offer.  It's been another GREAT week & we'll strive 2 make this one coming up even better.  :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

SLR 4 Me?? I'm SOLD!!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I love 2 take pictures!!  I love being able 2 capture life's moments on camera.  Since the girls have started their extracurricular activities, I've been LITERALLY dying because I haven't been able 2 capture any of it on film.  Or should I say, on a ? gig memory card.  I guess my husband finally got sick of me asking & complaining about not having a camera that works, that he took me 2 Inkley's 2 get me my first SLR camera.  I've been researching online what kind of SLR camera I want so it was a cinch 4 me 2 pick out.  

I chose the Nikon D40.  This thing of beauty is my new found JOY!!  I love it so much.  The clarity & shutter speed alone is worth every penny my husband paid 4 it.  :D  I was snapping shots all the way 4rom Inkleys 'til we reached home.  And once we got home, it continued on.  2day was such a beautiful day so we were outside all day lounging around on the trampoline with the kids & Titan.  And more than that. . . . .I was able 2 capture these precious moments on camera so that we may treasure them 4 years 'n years 2 come.  Because as we all know. . . it's not the THINGS that matter most in life!!  2 me, it's always been FAMILY!!  And I love & cherish my continually growing family. . . .

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We've waited 4 a long time 2 finally add this HANDSOME little STUD 2 our growing family!!  We are so grateful 2 have his presence in our home & I know he will greatly bless our family by taking us outdoors more 2 create wonderful memories!!  

He is my husband's belated b-day present.  LOL!!  We've wanted one of these AWESOME little English Bulldogs 4 quite a while now.  So we're definitely ALL SMILES 2day!!  :D  I guess you can say we've definitely got 'BULLDOG FEVER' & we love it!!  Hahahaha. . . .We're so excited 2 have him & can't wait 2 GROW with him in our home.  :D  

Friday, March 13, 2009


So today's my husband's 27th b-day!!  WOO HOO!!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able 2 surprise him with breakfast because he was up all night tossing & turning because of his tooth ache.  Ugh. . . And he won't go see the dentist.  :(  So as of right now, he's passed out on the couch while the kids are watching Disney Channel by his side. . .

This wonderful man was born 2 'goodly parents' by the name of Manase & Polu Tuakoi.  He is the 2nd oldest in his family of 7 kids.  Born @ the Holy Cross Hospital now called Salt Lake Regional.  He's been such a TREMENDOUS blessing in my life & the life of our children.  He's such a hard worker & I don't throw those words around lightly @ all!!  He works hard, not only physically 2 support us, but he give his ALL in our efforts 2 make sure that we return 2 our Heavenly Father.  His biggest weakness:  HIS POTTY MOUTH!!  Lol.  If he could get rid of this 1 thing, he'd definitely be PERFECT!!  Hahahaha  His strength:  HIS LOYALTY!!  :D  He's all about FAMILY.  So in other words:  DON'T MESS WITH US!!  Hahahaha!!  

We love him so much & all that he does & continues 2 do 4 us.  We're scheduled 4 a dinner & movie 2morrow night.  This is how GREAT of a husband he is, he's postponing the celebration of his birthday so I can attend the Relief Society Birthday celebration festivities that our little Branch has planned 4 tonight.  I love him so much & because he's fast asleep, I'm only now on my way out the door 2 go get him his gift.  Lol.  I work BEST under pressure.  Hahaha. . . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!!  'IT'S ONLY GOING UP 4ROM HERE'  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tonight we were able 2 attend the 'FAITH IN GOD' program with our daughter, Aaliyah.  As you all know, she is now 8 yrs old & so this program has been designed 2 prepare young girls 4 young women.  Can you believe it?  My little 8 yr old is already preparing 4 young women.  If I didn't know what I know through the continuing principles that are taught in church every Sunday, I think I would have a break down right about. . . . .NOW!!  Lol.  It's scary 2 think of the world our children are growing up in right now & so I'm eternally grateful 2 be a member of the only true church on the face of this earth.  And more than that, I'm so grateful 4 a loving Heavenly Father that is so merciful on us that he has enabled temples 2 be built here on earth so that we are able 2 be sealed as families one 2 another 4 all time & eternity.

Tonight's program was so spiritual & just another of the many reminders in life of 'HOW GREAT THE WORTH OF SOULS' are.  All the 8 & 9 yr olds hosted the whole night along with the Primary President.  We had games & food & it was GREAT!!  Aaliyah's growing up at an increasingly alarming rate right now.  I've always said it before, but it's never really took hold of it's TRUE meaning until now.  She's in school 4 most of the day & now has extracurricular activities she's involved in 2 take up more of her day.  I'm excited watching her grow & experience new things in her life.  I just hope that we're doing all we can 2 REALLY prepare her 4 LIFE.  I'm so grateful 4 programs such as this 2 help us parents 2 stay focused on what really matters in life.  To get rid of all the distractions in life in order 2 do what we're supposed 2 be doing on our journey here.  I'm going 2 end on that note cause I can hear my son upstairs reaking havoc with who knows what.  Lol.  

Late Night. . .

So I'm totally having a late night.  I don't know why I keep procrastinating my workouts til it's late @ night & then I can't shut my eye balls 4 nothing.  Hahaha  It's already early early Wednesday morning & I'm only now finding the time 2 blog about our hike up Ensign's Peak.  LOL!!

We planned ahead 2 have our FHE on Sunday because Hoko & I were both really busy on Monday.  He had training all day & I was in school.  So we decided we'd make our way downtown & hike up Ensign's Peak.  Hoko & I went on a date 2 this historical site long long time ago.  Before we had even gotten married.  But we only hiked up 2 the visitor's view which isn't very high.  Hoko didn't know that Ensign's Peak was a lot higher & took much more effort & time 2 get up.  You can imagine his surprise when we started hiking past the visitor's view.  LOL!!  He was like, "Where are we going?"  I explained everything 2 him & then we were off on our little journey up the mountain.  

I must say that I was definitely a 'PROUD MOMMA' that day.  With how many kids we have, we always have them team up with one other sibling 2 make sure nobody gets lost.  I, of course, was left with baby Hoko since I was the only one he wanted 2 walk with.  LOL!!  He made it all the way up that mountain with only one simple request:  That he be able 2 carry my bag of CHESTER'S HOT FRIES in one hand while chowing down on them with the other.  It was definitely a sight 2 see.  Hahahaha. . . .so not only did he make it up 2 Ensign's Peak on his own 2 feet, he did it while carrying & eating his hot fries.  Hahahaha. . . . .These are definitely the moments in life that continually keep us in AWE of how wonderful & how blessed we are 2 be able 2 not only be parents, but also 2 still be able 2 add 2 our growing family.  :D  These are the priceless moments in life that no material thing can replace.  

We came home from that hike & I woke up the next morning with aches in my buttocks that haven't been there in years.  Hahahaha. . . .I definitely saw that as a GOOD sign.  LOL!!  I've worked really hard 2 try & stay consistent with my workouts so I was pretty surprised when I woke up with those aches & pains.  But I definitely welcomed them with open arms.  We were able 2 read about the historic event that happened up on Ensign's Peak.  How it was on this peak that Brigham Young declared this new found land 2 be Zion.  

As I was hiking up this mountain with my son, I kept thinking back 2 when the pioneers traveled 2 this great place.  All the hardships & all the losses they dealt with while crossing the plains.  And I was filled with gratitude 4 all that I have in my life.  Especially 4 the gospel & the plan of salvation.  Knowing that it's all up 2 us if we want 2 return 2 Him in the next life.  No excuses.  We have our free agency & it's 100% our decision on what we're going 2 do with it.  It was a GREAT day & it brought our family that much closer 2gether.  I'm so grateful 4 FHE.  It's the perfect place 2 spend quality time with each other, 2 teach your children 'correct principles,' & 2 be able 2 listen 2 them as well while they express their feelings in what's going on in their lives.  I love it.  I recommend it 2 EVERYONE.  It works & if you're consistent with it, as we're trying 2 be, it'll bless your family forever.  :D