Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mormon Channel On Youtube. . . .

How wonderful is it 4 us 2 have our leaders tapping into resources such as 'youtube' in order 2 keep up w/the times as well as 2 reach out 2 the masses. I consider it a GREAT privilege 2 be able 2 have these resources so readily available 2 all who are willing 2 open their hearts & minds 2 the great counsels we receive in order 2 continually rear our families in ways that is pleasing 2 our Father in Heaven. :D

We always look 4ward 2 General Conference & are always so sad once the weekend has ended & we have 2 wait another 6 months 4 the next one, but this has been a GREAT help in being a constant reminder of what was taught & is still being taught 2 us 2day. I love it so much & am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL 4 all the blessings that come 4rom our heeding 2 the word of the Lord. I look 4ward, ALWAYS, 2 the creations of these INSPIRATIONAL video clips that are so filled w/all these teachings & reminders 2 help us stay on track. :D I hope & pray that as we are preparing 4 yet another Sabbath day, that we will HEED the counsels of our modern day prophet as well as his counselors in order 2 return 2 our Heavenly Father as eternal families one day. Because He said, "I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it."

It's About That Time. . . .

I love this time of year when the weather warms up enough 4 us 2 make our weekend visits 2 the 'DRIVE INS'  Not only is it A LOT cheaper, but we love being outdoors & being able 2 bring whatever food we can get our hands on.  Lol.  And I'm not CONSTANTLY trying 2 keep my younger ones quiet 4 the sake of not disturbing other movie goers. . . .  :D  

2night we had the opportunity 2 watch 'Night @ The Museum II'  And I must say that we totally LOVED it!!  Ben Stiller is AMAZING & HILARIOUS!!  I love watching MOST of his movies cause I know I'm in 4 a laugh.  :D  And what can I say. . . . .we all need as many 'GOOD LAUGHS' as we can get 2 keep us all happy, healthy & most importantly:  SANE!!  Hahaha!!  :D  

I have 2 give a BIG 'thank you' 2 my husband 4 being such a good sport.  He didn't get home til about 7 pm & when I 1st brought up going 2 the drive ins 2night, he totally gave me that look like I was crazy since I know he has 2 get up @ 4:30 am & head 2 work in the morning.  So I just left it @ that & when we got back 4rom the store, he said 2 call the kids in the house so we can get ready 2 go.  :D  I was so EXCITED!!  The kids work hard all week long in school & in staying on top of their chores that every once in a while, it's nice 2 reward them as well as spend some quality family time 2gether.  :D  Something no material thing in this world can compensate 4.  :D  

The girls will be getting out of school in the next few weeks & we're so EXCITED 2 be planning family trips & summer activities w/them.  One that'll be coming up real soon that's @ the TOP of the list right now. . . . .has DEFINITELY got 2 be the celebration of my niece, Cedez's, 6th grade graduation party.  My sister's throwing it @ Cowabunga Bay Water Park.  It opens June 12th & looks like it's gonna be a BLAST not only 4 the kids, but definitely 4 the adults as well.  :D  I can't wait.   :D  It's definitely about that time of year 2 get outdoors more & enjoy this weather & just enjoy LIFE itself.  :D

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Updates On A Busy, Yet Definitely Productive Family Life!! :D

I can't express how GRATEFUL & how deeply BLESSED I know I am 2 be able 2 spend everyday being a MOTHER 2 my kids.  My husband's HARD @ work right now w/only an hour's commute away & I don't take it 4 granted that he gets 2 come home 2 me EVERYDAY!!  :D  Ask him yourself. . . .he'll back up every word.  Hahahaha!!  

I've been getting my life back on track & getting re-focused on where I'm going in life & what I need 2 be doing everyday in order 2 reach my goals.  I'm happy 2 say that it's been a bumpy, yet very ENJOYABLE road & I wouldn't change a thing about it.  Aaliyah & Lote are doing GREAT in school & I have an appointment next week 2 get them signed up in taking violin & piano lessons.  Something they've been waiting a long time 2 start.  :D  We're definitely EXCITED about that.  

We've been catching up on yard work around our home & it's definitely starting 2 look a little more cleaned up & organized than a couple of weeks ago.  Lol.  We finally got a new vacuum & I am so 'IN LOVE' w/it.  It cleans up so well & yet it was the cheapest, on sale one 4rom Walmart.  I love it!!  :D  Can't complain when you can actually smell the Febreze plug-ins that are all around the house.  Hahaha!!  

As you all know REAL ESTATE is an ongoing thing w/me & I must say that it's my PASSION.  I'm not quite sure yet what part of it is the BEST part or even what part of it I'll enjoy the MOST.  But I can definitely say that I'm EXCITED 2 get started in it.  On Tuesday I loaded up the 3 younger ones into the car & we took a trip 2 the Herriman Library 2 pick up Donald Trump's latest, Think Like A Champion.  And I must confess that he's definitely my MENTOR.  Who knows REAL ESTATE better than the Donald himself.  He has a Wealth Summit coming up in a couple of weeks @ the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Ray that is free & open 2 the public so I'm in the process of putting 2gether a sales pitch 2 my mom in hopes that it'll be a SUCCESS & that I can convince her in going w/me & being my guest.  Since my husband can't make the trip w/me, she's my next best bet!!  :D  I'm really OPTIMISTIC that even w/the economy the way it is. . . .America will get back on it's feet as we always have done in the past.  I'm a FIRM believer that if we work on what we can control in our lives, which starts w/our everyday thinking, we will overcome & come out on top w/this milestone in our lives as a GREAT lesson learned & hopefully one that will help us not make the same mistake again.  I'm confident in our President of this great country & continue 2 support his leadership.  I am always confident in the leaders that lead our church & know that the promises are still the same if we do our part in living our lives righteously & striving 4 the eternal blessings that we all deserve.  :D  On that note, I'm going 2 get started on my workout 4 the day & wish you all a WONDERFUL week & weekend.  :D  

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plus 3 Network Anyone??

So I'm so EXCITED about this post!!  :D  I never knew something like this EXISTED.  I think it's so AMAZING so let me get straight 2 the point on what the Plus 3 Network is all about.  :D  It's a mobile, GPS-enhanced social networking website that allows people 2 contribute 2 charities through corporate sponsorship based on miles they swim, bike, walk or run.  It's called the mileage-rewarded fundraising & it's easy really, you sign up as a member & choose which charity you'd like your miles 2 go 2.  Then add in your daily activities w/a Garmin Forerunner or manually on the website.  When you add an activity, you'll be told how much money will go 2 your chosen charity.  Your activities are tracked on a calendar & you can set your goals 2 improve your fitness.  The website address is:

Isn't that so AWESOME!!  I logged in my 1st activity 2night & my 1st donation was made 2 the charity of my choice.  Since I'm not able 2 donate financially, I am so HAPPY 2 still do my part & be able 2 have money donated 2 the charity of my choice just by logging my workout activities.  :D  It's the least that I can do, right!!??  Like I said. . . .nothing short of AMAZING 4 whoever came up w/this MARVELOUS idea!!  :D  Join the cause & pick which charity you want your hard earned mileage money going 2!!  :D  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Scoop Of Ice Cream @ Hagaan-Daz 2day. . . .

We headed 2 Gateway 4 a FREE scoop of ice cream @ the Hagaan-Daz store.  It is so beautiful outside & can I just say that I've never really cared 4 ice cream in the past, but after tasting this kind. . . . .I'M HOOKED!!  Lol.  Aaliyah, Sila, & baby Hoko got the strawberry sorbet.  Lote had a vanilla one.  Polu had a strawberry shortcake flavor.  And I, of course, had Rocky Road.  Hahaha!!  And it is definitely the BEST Rocky Road ice cream I've ever had!!  :D  If anyone reads this before 8 pm tonight, head on over there 4 your free scoop.  It's only being offered 2day!!  :D

A Tribute 2 My Mom. . . . .

So I know I'm totally late w/my tribute 2 my mom, but I had 2 do one anyway.  This woman that gave me life has always been there 4 me thru everything that life has thrown my way.  She's loved me thru all the trials & tribulations that I've had 2 overcome & even the ones that I failed @ miserably.  Lol.  She has taught me how 2 be a mother, wife, daughter, sister & a member of society.  I love her so much & am very GRATEFUL that she's still w/us 2day.  

Aaliyah was asked 2 speak this past Sunday about 'MOTHERS' & as soon as she opened her mouth & started her talk, my mom was already in tears.  Her love 4 her grandchildren is very EVIDENT & her love 4 her own children is just as STRONG.  My dad always says how he never thought he could love more than how he loves his own children, but that all changed when he became a grandfather.  He says how he loves them even MORE.  Lol.  But mom's always been different.  The love she has 4 us, her own children, has always & will always be as much love as she has 4 her grandchildren.  Aaliyah ended her talk by singing the 1st verse of 'Love Is Spoken Here'  I'm gonna end w/the lyrics of that song cause it so explains the LOVE of a MOTHER perfectly. 

'Love Is Spoken Here'

I see my mother kneeling
With our family each day.
I hear the words she whispers
As she bows her head to pray.

Her plea to the Father
Quiets all my fears.
And I am thankful
Love is spoken here.

I hope & pray that all you mothers had a WONDERFUL & GLORIOUS Mother's Day & that you are not only remembered on this GREAT day, but are shown APPRECIATION throughout your lives 4 all the things that you do that no amount of money can ever repay.  :D

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mondays Were Made 2 Be Crazy, Right?

I love the start of a new week because it just seems that we can always strive 2 be better & do & learn new things.  Mondays are always REFRESHING 4 me in the sense that I wake up w/that feeling I experience after it rains & I look outside & see a whole new world.  Clean & ready 2 venture out on new beginnings.  

So this morning I got up & the girls wanted 2 dress & get themselves ready 4 school & I was all 4 it. Especially since it gives me another GOOD 30 minutes of sleeping in before I absolutely have 2 get up & start my day.  Lol.  But as they're getting older, I've noticed how this little simple act of letting them get themselves dressed & even fixing their own hair has helped them take another step 2wards INDEPENDENCE.  I love it & am all 4 it!!  :D  After they were ready, we did our normal morning prayer & were off 2 drop them off 2 school.  On Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays, I head straight 2 water aerobics after I drop them off 4 an hour workout which I look 4ward 2 all the time.  :D  As soon as I got out, I looked @ my phone & had a missed call 4rom our home # w/a voice mail left as well.  I checked it & it was my mom telling me that Titan was missing.  That one of the kids must've opened the door & let him out w/out putting his leash on.  

I rushed home an hour after this message was left & he still hadn't returned.  I drove around our WHOLE neighborhood looking 4 him w/no such luck.  I humbly said a prayer that I would be able 2 find him or that he would find his way back home.  :(  2 1/2 hours had passed & there still weren't any signs of Titan.  I called around 2 the animal control centers not only in my city, but also in the nearby cities.  Nobody had picked him up.  I was so upset & so sad.  I said one last prayer before walking out 2 the backyard 2 get some fresh air & lo & behold. . . .who comes trotting into the yard w/absolutely no worries in the world & breathing EXTREMELY hard, which meant that he was really really TIRED??  You guessed it!!  Our son, Titan.  Lol.  I was so happy & so relieved that he found his way back 2 us cause I was honestly starting 2 think that he ran away & that wouldn't be a good sign cause that would've told us that he wasn't happy w/us.  

About 30 minutes later, I get a call 4rom Lote's school informing me that she had a huge bump on her leg & that she was complaining that it was aching.  So I headed 2 the school & went & saw her in the office.  She had a spider bite that had swelled up & because it was still aching, I checked her out & came home w/her.  It's not the 1st time this has happened.  My kids have really sensitive skin & when they get spider bites or even mosquito bites, it swells up a lot.  We were only home 4 a good half hour when Lote asked if I could take her back 2 school cause her leg wasn't aching anymore & she was bored.  I told her no & that maybe next time she would try 2 tough it out 4 as long as she could since the pain in her leg ended up going away not too long afterward.  I also had her get started on her chores a lot earlier since she was home & complaining about being bored.  Lol.  She cleaned her room & unloaded the dishwasher & then she was off 2 the backyard 2 jump on the trampoline w/her younger siblings.  :D  

Before I knew it, it was time 2 pick up Aaliyah 4rom school.  She told me about her day on the way home, which was nice since it was just the 2 of us.  All you parents out there know how it feels 2 have more than 1 child all talking over each other because they all want 2 share their day w/you & want your attention on them & no one else.  So I cherished every minute of our drive home w/her.  Lol.  Aaliyah put her school things away in her room & got started on her chores immediately when a doorbell rang @ the door.  Aaliyah ran 2 check it & I heard some of our neighbor's kids saying that they brought Titan back cause he was just sitting in their front yard.  And they recognized him & brought him back 2 us.  Can you believe it?  My kids let him out TWICE in ONE day.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing until Titan came trotting in 4rom the front door & into our living room.   I was too numb 2 even feel anything.  

As soon as Hoko got home I unravelled our eventful day 2 him as we headed 2 the store 2 grab some things 2 make 4 dinner.  He couldn't believe it, either.  Lol.  2day was definitely a CRAZY Monday 4 me.  Definitely an emotional roller coaster.  Lol.  We ended it w/a DELICIOUS dinner & an even MORE mouth-watering dessert!!  It was GREAT!!  These are the days that remind me how much I love being a mother.  All the CRAZINESS & CHAOS that comes w/the title is what makes the memories even that much more MEMORABLE!!  :D  I can't imagine having it any other way.  :D  I'm very GRATEFUL 4 all that I have.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning Is In The Air. . . . . :D

I am so HAPPY w/the way the weather has been this past week so far that we OFFICIALLY started our 'SPRING CLEANING' yesterday!!  Woo hoo!!  Lol.  Our vacuum has been out of service 4 the past week & a half & I've been literally DISGUSTED w/our upstairs living room.  Ugh. . . .When I finally got home yesterday 4rom running errands in Salt Lake & planning our Mother's Day weekend w/my sister, I marinated our ground beef 4 some juicy & oh so tasty teriyaki burgers. . . . . .I decided 2 tackle the living room 1st.  I got our broom out of the pantry & started sweeping my heart out.  Lol.  It took me an hour & a half 2 get it all clean & refreshed!!  :D  

Aaliyah & Lote were assigned the kitchen, which I must say, they did a FANTASTIC job!!  :D  Lote unloaded/loaded the dishwasher while Aaliyah wiped our dinette set down as well as the countertops.  I ran 2 the store 2 grab some Febreeze as well as those things 2 get pet hairs off of furniture, clothing, etc. . . . .When I got home, Hoko was all over the yard mowing it.  :D  I was so HAPPY!!  I thought that maybe he'd be too tired since he'd been up since 4 am 2 get ready 4 work & didn't get home until 7 pm.  I'm definitely PROUD of my hardworker!!  :D  I unzipped the covers 4 our cushions on our couch & threw them in the washer, set it 2 'HAND WASH' mode & let her rip.  Lol.  My only mistake was throwing them in the dryer afterwards cause there was some type of wax that melted in the dryer.  Ooops!!  And this is the 2nd time I've done this.  :(  The 1st time was w/the covers 4 our sectional.  Lucky thing this mistake wasn't as BIG as the 1st one.  So we took 'em out of the dryer when they were done & zipped 'em back on & they're as good as new.  Lol.  At least they are 2 me.  Hahahaha!!  I also tackled getting ALL bazillion of Titan's hair off of the couches.  Hoi. . . . .I can't believe how much hair our son can shed especially w/him being a short-haired dog.  Lol.  But my husband has assigned our girls 2 take turns daily in brushing Titan's hair out in the backyard in order 2 keep him well groomed as well as keep his hair off of our furniture & clothes.  :D

We finally sat down 2 dinner & chowed down on some teriyaki burgers & french fries.  It was a great day/night & the kids went 2 sleep w/out any fuss 4rom the long day of SPRING CLEANING.  :D  It gave Hoko & I a chance 2 talk about our day & 2 just continue 2 keep that open line of communication which I CHERISH so much in our marriage.  I booked an appointment w/Stanley Steemers 2 come in Friday between 9am-noon 2 carpet clean our living room, hallway, & staircase.  Woo hoo!!  :D  With 5 very healthy & active kids, a dog, parents, & a brother all under the same roof??  We've decided it best 2 carpet clean our home @ least once every 2 months.  Lol.  Or even once a month.  We'll see how it goes. . . . . This was our 1st day of SPRING CLEANING as of yesterday that I wanted 2 share.  2day's going 2 be even more GORGEOUS than yesterday so we might make a SWIM day out of it or we may just go hang out @ the park.  And yet I'm still waiting 4 my son 2 wake up.  Lol.  With this beautiful weather we get 2 enjoy this week, I might have 2 plan on a hike.  :D  This is us & a peak into our lives!!  :D  Enjoy!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Self Reliance Is Key. . . . :D

Topic in Relief Society's lesson yesterday was on SELF RELIANCE.  I loved it.  It made me realize how much I take advantage of so many things living here in this great land of AMERICA.  Many of our Relief Society sisters shared how they would grow their own fruits & vegetables back when they lived in the islands, but how they've taken advantage of the fact that they live here in America now & can just run 2 the grocery store & buy 'em.  One of the sisters shared how she can easily make jam 4rom fruits, but how she hasn't done so since leaving the islands.  

With all these stories being shared, I thought 2 myself that I, too, can start a garden in my yard & grow the veggies that we use in our household.  With Hoko back 2 work now & me joining him w/in the next couple of weeks, we've talked a lot about getting our food storage on track as well as growing our own fruits & vegetables.  I'm so EXCITED 2 say that this project will be starting 2day.  I was very surprised (I don't know why) 2 find all the information I need 2 start gardening on the website.  Every bit of info I need 2 get started & even 2 maintain it is on there.  I am even more confident that I can actually undertake this project now.  :D  I love what the Relief Society stands 4 & the way they help each individual sister come closer 2 our Savior as well as the skills we are taught so that we can become more SELF RELIANT.  I will always be 4ever GRATEFUL 4 the gospel in my life & what it continually does 2 help me as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend & so forth. . . . . .  

Friday, May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins. . . .Woo Hoo!! :D

So my husband & I both grew up watching X-Men & have seen every movie that's come out.  :D  We're so EXCITED 2 see the latest one:  X-Men Origins, tonight.  Woo hoo!!  After watching 2 movies last weekend that didn't turn out as great as we had anticipated them 2 be, we really need this one 2 be a HIT!!  Lol.  My brother & his girlfriend went 2 the midnight showing last night & they absolutely LOVED it.  :D  

So that's definitely heightened the EXCITEMENT level!!  They are showing it on 3 different screens 2night @ 'The District' & all of the 7 o'clock showings are pretty much sold out.  :(  I finally reached the 8:40 pm showing & they're all pretty open so that's the show we're gonna catch 2night.  Woo hoo!!  I'm so so so EXCITED!!  :D  I'll definitely update on my thoughts of the movie later 2night when we get back.  Yay!!  :D