Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost All Set & Ready 2 Go. . . . :D

So you'd think that w/us going on #6 that we'd already have everything we need 4 the arrival of our son?? Lol. So not the case. . . .And why I've waited til I'm almost gonna give birth 2 start rounding everything up?? I have no idea. Lol. . . . .It's the procrastinator in me. Ugh. . . .My husband & I have been spending our nights @ Walmart & Target gathering things 2gether 4 our lil man. All of our stuff 4rom baby Hoko was donated 2 different family members a short while after he was born cause we honestly thought we were done. Lol. Obviously not the case. :D His car seat is ready 2 go, onesies are in hand, receiving blankets: CHECK, 1st outfit 4rom the hospital home, washcloths 4 taking a bath, Parents Choice baby shampoo w/lavender. . . .my fave, :D , & his 1st pack of Huggies size 1 diapers. :D I stayed away 4rom the section w/all the bottles since I have COMMITTED 2 breast-feeding this lil man of ours. It's part of our ongoing effort in being economical. :D The bonus being that it's also the healthiest form of nutrition 4 him, but I had 2 be honest on the main reason why I'm breast-feeding. :D I can't wait 2 get started on the boys' room. They'll be sharing & they're right next door 2 us. :D

Now the only preparations we have left are my stuff. Meaning my bag I need 2 get prepared 2 take w/me 2 the hospital. And so far, that hasn't happened. Lol. I know. . . .so bad. But it's on the top of my 'to do' list 4 today. I'm getting more & more EXCITED as I'm getting closer & closer 2 my due date. Which is next week Saturday. Aug 8th. :D I asked Hoko when he thinks our lil man is gonna arrive & he said Aug 8th. Lol. I was like, are you serious? Hahahaha. . .so I guess that's what we'll go with. :D I've been pretty baby hungry w/all the babies that I've been surrounded with. :D I can't wait 4 this new chapter in our lives 2 start. It may be #6 for us, but all of our kids are so different 4rom each other in so many ways that it's always AMAZING 2 welcome the next one into the world. And always such a humbling experience 4 that matter. They definitely keep us grounded & earth bound. :D Such special spirits that have been saved 4 these last days & we know that they have a MUCH GREATER mission here on earth than us that have come before them. It's so WONDERFUL 2 have the gospel in our lives & 2 know that these little spirits were in the forefront of the war in heaven between good & evil. Gives me much more HOPE 4 their future here on earth. Especially w/the veil thinning out during these last days. It's an AWESOME blessing 2 be a part of a GREATER work & 2 know the reason why we're here. :D We welcome the arrival of our lil man & can't wait 2 hold him in our arms. :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Great Start 2 A Great Day. . . . :D

2day started out so GREAT that I had 2 blog about it. :D It started @ 4:45 am. That's right people. 4:45 am. :D I got up & thought 2 myself that I was in the mood 2 cook breakfast. A hot breakfast 4 my one & only. :D We had grocery shopped 4 all these breakfast foods that were just sitting in the fridge/freezer waiting 4 me 2 set them free & enjoy them as a meal. Lol. It's part of our efforts in trying 2 be more economical in these trying times & just down right trying 2 be more sensible when it comes 2 money & the way we spend it. :D So far, it's been a rather fulfilling experience & one worth all the time & effort we put into it. We grocery shop 4 foods 4 all 3 meals of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks in between. :D What husband wouldn't be over joyed 2 be greeted 1st thing in the morning w/eggs, sausage & potatoes o'brien. :D I talked his ear off while he ate in silence & you know when that happens. . . .the food is really good. Hahaha!! @ least that's my take on it. Lol. Before heading out the door 2 work, I was left w/hugs & kisses 4 days & an 'I LOVE YOU' that made me feel all gooey & sweet inside. :D Lol. What effected me the most was the 'I LOVE YOU' before he headed out. . . .I'm usually the one saying it 2 him 1st as he's heading out the door so I know that breakfast this morning was a BIG SUCCESS. :D

4 those of you that know my husband. . . .you know that he's one of those men that fall under that category of 'the way 2 a man's heart is thru his stomach.' No joke. Lol. I love him so much & am grateful 4 all that we have gone through as husband & wife. The good & the bad. They have all contributed 2 who we are 2day. I don't have a more LOYAL friend in my life as my husband is 2 me. And I consider myself very blessed 2 be going through the motions of this life w/this man by my side. He makes me FEEL like I can accomplish anything in the world!! :D Here's 2 many many more years of sharing our lives 2gether BOO!! :D I love you so much!! :D

Monday, July 27, 2009

1st Day Of School Has Officially Started!! :D

The girls just left 2 start their journey on the 1st day of school @ a new school. :D Scary, right? I asked them if they wanted me 2 take them 2 school 2day & they refused. They were totally psyched 2 be able 2 ride the school bus once again. :D Their independence is kinda scary @ such a young age. Lol.

Aaliyah is going into the 3rd grade 2day & Lote's starting 2nd. We're so proud of our little 'ACHIEVERS' & can't wait 4 them 2 get off & come tell us about their busy/scary day. :D Polu Marie will be starting kindergarten next week Tuesday & she's so EXCITED as well. Gotta make sure she's all caught up w/her immunizations so there's no delays in her getting started. Sila will be starting pre-school sometime soon. I still have 2 look into which one & hopefully I can get that done this week. :D It's been a GREAT summer & one that I'm thankful 4. As a new chapter of our life starts, we are eternally grateful 4 the many blessings that have been bestowed upon our family. With the most recent one being the waiting 4 the arrival of our baby boy. :D I can't wait 2 have him & am so EXCITED 2 go through the motions of life w/my husband & kids. They are my treasures in life & they definitely keep me GROUNDED. :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy 24th Of July Utah!! :D

I woke up early early in the morning. . . .like @ 5 am?? :D To make my hubby's lunch & chit chat the morning away w/him before he took off 2 work. :D One of the HIGHLIGHTS of my day. . . . :D As soon as he was out the door, I heard one of my kids up & about in the laundry room. It turned out 2 be Aaliyah drying her bathing suit so that it can be ready 4 when they take off 2 the parade w/my parents. And I thought 2 myself, "Wow, they're growing up so fast. Already doing their own laundry??" I'm definitely a 'PROUD MOTHER' :D Salote & Polu Marie made their way upstairs soon after & headed straight 2 the bathroom 2 get all cleaned up & ready 2 head 2 the park. After fixing up their hair, they were off 2 the park w/my parents @ around 6:30 am. :D

I stayed back w/my 2 monsters 2 await their awakening & knocked back out. Lol. They finally woke up @ around 10:30 & we were up & getting ready 2 head downtown as well. We got there around 12:30-1. It would've been a lot sooner, but w/my having 2 carry around this package in my belly 24/7. . . .it takes a lot longer 4 me 2 get places. Hahaha. . . .we finally arrived & my sister & her family were already there w/the bbq started & all. And I must say that it was some GREAT bbq & my sister's pasta salad CANNOT be beat!! Lol. We chilled @ the park all day & I was so GRATEFUL 4 the overcast weather that we were able 2 enjoy along w/the cool breeze that came along w/it. If not 4 this, I don't think I would've lasted as long as I did. :D We RELAXED all day long.

Every year we sit in the same spot. Along 500 E & close to 900 S. While we were chatting it up, we see a whole bunch of police cars/motorcycles driving along 5th E followed by a bunch of tow trucks. Now keep in mind that the police have never enforced the 'No Parking' signs that are all along the east side of 5th E, but out of nowhere, w/out any kind of warning, they just started towing all the vehicles away. I was truly amazed. A lot of the vehicles that were towed belonged 2 families that lived in the homes right along this street. We witnessed one older couple, probably in their late 50's early 60's, whose vehicle had gotten towed & that was their only vehicle. They were asking the cops where the tow place was located & then they started walking that way. :( How sad is that?? If my vehicle had been one of those that had gotten towed. . . .you better believe that I so would've contacted Gephardt. So not kidding. He's that guy on channel 2 that has that show called 'Get Gephardt.' He's totally 4 the people & when situations arise, he's all over it. I mean, don't you think they should've had some type of forewarning on the news 2 let us know that they will be enforcing this 'No Parking' zone on Pioneer Day when it hasn't been enforced in YEARS!! I was so upset. The cops seemed more interested in meeting their end of the month quota then really caring about what they said they were doing. Funny thing is. . . .they only towed away a certain # of vehicles & the rest were just ticketed. So everyone parked on 500 E had the same violation, but only a few were chosen 2 be towed away. How pathetic!! And I'm not one 2 ever question the law!! But this act 4rom our law enforcement that I witnessed yesterday was definitely not one of their strong points. :(

We continued 2 enjoy the rest of our day after witnessing that fiasco & hope & pray that everyone whose vehicle got towed away were able 2 recover them. When it hit about 5:30 pm, we were pretty much all pooped & packed up our stuff & headed home. I'm so happy I was able 2 be out w/the kids & my family yesterday 2 enjoy & celebrate the festivities of Pioneer Day. I also saw on the news before I left my house that our parade is the 3rd largest in the nation. How cool is that?? Just an interesting fact that I learned about yesterday & thought 2 share & leave w/you all @ the ending of this post. :D 'Happy 24th Of July Utah!!' Here's the Mormon Youtube Message 4 this wonderful holiday that we celebrate every year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Already Heading Back 2 School. . . . :D

Summer still seems 2 be in 'FULL SWING' & yet we're already preparing 2 send the girls back 2 school. :D They start this coming up Monday & are wayyy EXCITED 2 head back. What can I say?? I have kids in school, so far, that just LOVE getting an EDUCATION. Lol. So I figured I better CHERISH these times 4 as long as they last. :D

We kicked off the summer w/a camp 2 Bear Lake. :D Which I must admit, was DEFINITELY the HIGHLIGHT of this summer. :D After coming home all mosquito bitten up, lol, we filled the rest of the coming weeks w/trips 2 our rec center pool as well as 2 our local parks. :D We had a trip planned 2 Cali, but had 2 cancel cause my pregnancy is too far along. We might just have 2 re-schedule that trip 4 Labor Day weekend since that'll be the next holiday weekend 4 my husband & the girls. :D

With only 2 weeks left til I reach my due date. . . .I've been a bit miserable lately. Lol. I'm happy 2 report that I have changed my outlook on it & have a much more positive attitude ever since starting 2 read 'Redefining Joy' by Chris Stewart. It's our online book club book of the month 4 our Relief Society. It's a very small & short read, but boy is it filled w/some AWESOME information & inspiration 4 that matter. The author talks about being in the Air Force & having 2 travel around the world a lot. On one of his trips, he was missing his wife & kids a lot & was excited 2 be heading home, but got detoured 2 the Phillipines 4 a couple of more days 2 fix one of the aircrafts. He goes on 2 explain his sour mood when he checked into one of the hotels downtown. He had a long list of complaints from the bugs 2 being tired 2 wanting 2 be w/his family & so forth. . . . .well when he finally gets 2 his hotel room, he walks over 2 his window 2 close the curtains so he can take a nap & there behind the hotel he sees a high, chain-linked fence where families were living all along the sides of the canal - some in cardboard houses, some in tents & many in the open. He watches a young mother as she washes her daughter's face & hair w/the filthy water that was rushing from a pipe feeding into the canal & remembers that he's tired, but not hungry, w/a headache, but otherwise healthy & very happy that he was going home 2 the United States. Land of plenty & land of freedom. :D

While reading this passage in this book, I was touched & reminded of how much MORE I have 2 be grateful 4. I have 2 more weeks of pregnancy & I get 2 stay home. In an air conditioned home w/all the comforts & necessities of life that I need. I have a hard working & loving husband that wakes up every morning @ 5 am, 6 days a week & heads off 2 work 2 provide 4 our family & has never once complained about it. :D Okay okay. . .so maybe he complains about the commute, but then he always says that it's worth it so that he can be home w/us. Lol. And I have 5 very HEALTHY & ACTIVE kids who hardly ever get sick & are pretty well behaved, 4 the most part (lol), & get their chores done on a daily basis. I have the opportunity of having my parents stay w/us, which helps out TREMENDOUSLY since they get 2 be the DESIGNATED babysitters 4 those nights that my husband & I just need 2 get out & be alone w/each other. :D And I have many more 2 list & while re-reading all these things. . . .I'm in awe that I even have anything @ all 2 complain about. I have a WONDERFUL life & am grateful 4 everything that comes w/it. The trials/tribulations of these last days, the blessings that come when we endure til the end, the teachings of these wonderful authors who are able 2 put into words gospel principles that remind us of the VERY reason we are here on earth & especially 4 a loving Heavenly Father that continually blesses our lives in ways that we can't even comprehend sometimes.

Today has been an eye opening day 4 me & I'm eternally grateful 4 all that life has 2 offer. Whether they be bad or good. I was able 2 do my mile run 2day & am hoping 2 keep it up until the birth of this, our newborn son. :D We're so EXCITED 4 his debut & are GRATEFUL 4 the opportunity 2 be entrusted by the Lord w/these beautiful little blessings of ours. :D With that said, I have 2 months worth of Ensign (Jul/Aug) 2 catch up on. . . .And remember that families are forever & that every worth of soul is great in the sight of the Lord. :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'Three Of A Kind'

As you all know, I love & try 2 keep myself updated w/the Church news. :D Well, I came across this wonderful article & was inspired by it that I had 2 post it 4 all 2 read & enjoy as well. :D

'Triplets receive mission calls same day, will enter MTC together' Nathan, Jason & John Hansen share a lot in common. Together they comprise three-fourths of a set of quadruplets born premature at 26 weeks of gestation to John & Laurie Hansen in 1990. At nine weeks old, the fourth quadruplet passed away. When they were 6 yrs old, their father died following a sudden bout with pancreatitis. With their histories so intertwined, it's fitting that the brothers Hansen could open their mission calls at the same time. On May 28th; the same day they graduated from high school; dozens of friends & family joined them at their home in Alpine, Utah, for the big moment. Going by reverse birth order, Nathan opened his call first & was followed by Jason & finally John. The results: Nathan is called to the Ohio Columbus Mission, jason is bound for the Nebraska Omaha Mission & John will speak Spanish in the Florida Jacksonville Mission. Now remarried, their mother Laurie Pollard visibly beamed with pride at the sight of her three boys opening their mission calls. But as proud as she felt, she was also every bit as relieved upon finally finding out after all three mission calls had been opened that her sons will enter the Missionary Training Center together on Aug. 12. "I've heard from many mothers that [taking missionaries to the MTC] is a very emotional experience, so I was worried about having to endure it more than once," she said. "It will be such a glorious celebration & an emotional time." "They share so many qualities," Sister Pollard said of her sons. "They are just really obedient boys. They haven't given us one ounce of teenage rebellion; they're just amazing that way. And they're all really hard workers, so we know that they'll be really good, humble missionaries." But of course, Nathan, Jason & John are three different people, each with a unique set of interests & characteristics. Nathan is the sports enthusiast who managed the varsity basketball team in high school. Computers & the outdoors interest Jason, who is more reserved than his two brothers. John is the most outgoing of the trio and, at 6-foot-2, stands approximately five inches taller than his brothers. When Aug 12th rolls around & the three brothers enter the MTC, younger sister Kaycee Hansen very well may be the person who end up missing them most. The marriage of Sister Pollard to Bryce Pollard formed a blended family of eight children, but 15-year-old Kaycee is the only surviving natural-born sibling to Nathan, Jason & John. "We're really close," Kaycee said. "We have times where we fight, but that's just us being siblings. I think the majority of the time we get along, & we love each other, I just love them to death." "The hardest thing is going to be just all three of them leaving (at the same time), because then I'll be like along almost. I'll miss them a bunch, but they'll be awesome missionaries."

How AWESOME is that?? Triplets!! :D I can't wait for my son 2 make his debut. Then we'll have 2 missionaries 2 look 4ward 2 in the future. :D

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Day Out!! We're On A Roll!! Lol. :D

So we started out our morning a little on the rough side since my kids seemed 2 have 4gotten that even though it's the weekend. . . .they still have chores. Lol. So I woke up 2 all of my kids wide awake & already starting their day off w/the Disney channel. So not a good sign. Lol. I had them turn off the tv, fold their blankets & return 'em 2 their rooms, wash up, eat breakfast & get started on their chores. Since we're pretty FIRM on them starting out their day w/breakfast & immediately followed by their chores before any tv watching or playing. . . . .they weren't allowed 2 watch tv 4 the rest of the day. :(

I know I know. . . .harsh. But we strongly believe in teaching our kids that their actions, whatever they are, always come w/consequences. Whether they be good or bad. And in this case. . .it wasn't very good. They spent the morning on chores & they did a FANTASTIC job. They immediately took 2 the outdoors & played outside on the trampoline & even helped my dad pull the weeds. :D They rode bikes in the front yard & came inside on occasion 2 refuel on some cantaloupe & rolls 4rom Costco. Which I must add are the BEST!! :D And usually when they're being punished in this way, they are constantly complaining & asking if they could please watch a movie & so forth. But I was quite impressed that that wasn't the case this time around. :D So as the sun was starting 2 go down, I called the kids into the house & told them 2 put their shoes on so we can head 2 the playground. :D

We had a BLAST there & I was even able 2 do my mile while they played!! :D It was GREAT. A life of a mother, right?? :D Filled w/nothing, but multi-tasking!! :D These past 2 days have definitely been FULFILLING 4 me since they have enabled me 2 be more ACTIVE. Something I'm used 2 BEING as a norm. Lol. I swear during these last couple of weeks left in my pregnancy, everything seems 2 be the EXCEPTION 2 the rule, which is weird. So not used my life being like that. But I'm not complaining. I have wayyyy too much 2 be grateful 4. :D Here's some pics 4rom our little adventure this evening. :D

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally Got Out Of The House. . . .Lol. :D

So we've been cooped up in the house all week long & pretty much on any given week that my husband's been @ work. :( I felt really bad having 2 put the kids thru this w/my pregnancy progressing along the way it has. And it has really been progressing nicely, but it's just been really hard 4 me 2 even think of activities 4 the kids 2 do that required leaving our home.

But I'm happy 2 report that I finally BROKE the ongoing BORE of being a home body & told the kids 2 put on their swimming gear so we can head out the door & spend the day @ the pool here @ our local rec. :D They were so EXCITED!! :D And so was I. I think my morning run 2 the store @ 6 am definitely helped get me going 2day. The weather was PERFECT & being up & out & breathing some FRESH air definitely helped set the mood 4 the rest of the day. We spent a couple of hours @ the pool & then stopped by Mickey D's on our way home cause we were all STARVING. Lol. Not the healthiest choice, but it was still YUMMY!! Lol.

Here's some pics of the kids splashing around in the pool!! We had a BLAST!! :D We'll definitely be going more often now. And not just 2 the pool, but we'll have 2 make our way 2 the park as well. Oh how I've missed being outdoors. :D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Family Record Reached. . . . :D

We have totally reached a new record in our family as of yesterday. . . . .that is, in how many movies watched all in one day. Lol. This is my only form of keeping the kids entertained since I have about 4 weeks left of my pregnancy & DREAD leaving my house w/out my husband. :( Those of you who know me, know that I'm such an OUTDOORSY type of person & am never couped up in the house like this so it has definitely been a challenge 4 me. I have the BEST kids ever cause they're so understanding as 2 my circumstances right now so I'd like 2 express my LOVE & APPRECIATION 2 them 4 their patience. It's been a PLUS having all 5 of them cause they seem 2 do very well @ keeping each other ENTERTAINED. :D

My oldest, Aaliyah, is 8 yrs old right now & is potty training my son. Luckiest MOM everrr, right?? :D I know. . . .I'm totally all SMILES everyday. Lol. Well, @ least 4 most of the day. :D He's recently just been telling us that he needs 2 use the bathroom & so we simply take off his diaper & let him @ it. Hahaha. . . .but when I'm already laid up in bed, since my feet & legs have started 2 swell, my WONDERFUL Aaliyah takes over. :D But I must say that I do know that my Heavenly Father is mindful of me & my situation cause he has blessed me w/the BEST helpers everrr!! My kids. And the AMAZING thing about it all?? They don't complain about any of it. We discuss our individual feelings in FHE & they express how HAPPY they are 2 be able 2 help around the house. Their level of service truly AMAZES Hoko & I cause they still seem like our babies. . . .but in reality, they're all growing up. It's definitely one of those things that's BITTER/SWEET.

I can't believe we're already well into the month of July. My kids are in year round school & so they'll be heading back @ the end of this month. :D I'm happy & sad @ the same time cause I love having them HOME w/me. With 5 of them 2 keep up with. . . . .there's never a dull moment in this house. :D Here's a list of the movies we INDULGED ourselves in yesterday. Oh & we popped popcorn 4 this event as well. Lol. Enjoy. . . . . :D