Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Heart The Ensign. . . . :D

I haven't been keeping up w/the monthly Ensign magazine that our church puts out, but I'm so so HAPPY that I was able 2 pick up the June issue yesterday. I can HONESTLY say that it is always filled w/so much NEEDED information & it HELPS our little family strive 2 grow daily. :D One of the MANY things that caught my eye while reading the different articles & teachings in this month's issue was an article written by Kay Przybille called 'STRETCHING YOUR DOLLARS.' There's a paragraph in there that states, "Organized sports, dance, & other programs are great, but consider waiting 2 involve your children until they are older, when they can help pay the costs & understand the financial sacrifices involved. Meanwhile, teach cooperation, sportsmanship, fair play, & teamwork @ home - with Mom & Dad as coaches."

This hit it right on the nail since we had decided 2 give the girls a break 4rom extracurricular activities 4 the months of May & June. But after reading this. . . . .we've agreed that we will be keeping them home & spending more quality time w/them & being 'coaches' in their lives until they're old enough 2 help pay 4 the costs of the different activities that they want 2 be involved in. :D I can't believe how much information is filled in this magazine & I'm so GRATEFUL 4 all the counsel & teachings that I know I can always RELY on in times of need & just w/life in general.

One of the other articles that inspired me GREATLY & this time in my marriage instead of w/our kids, lol. . . . .is titled, 'Arise Early' by Linda Davis whose also 4rom Utah. She says:

"Arising early is not in D&C 89, but rather in section 88: "Retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies & your minds may be invigorated."

My husband gets up for work at 5:00 a.m. In the past, I didn't get up w/him. I would sleep in, and I didn't get up with my teenage sons either. At night I went to bed early, but my husband stayed up until 11:00 p.m. or later. I was worried about him because he would get sleepy when driving. We needed a change.
I decided to get up with my husband & have breakfast with him. Now we spend time together talking over breakfast. As a result, I am up now with my children before they go to school, and I send them off with prayers and hugs.
My husband is now going to bed early too. I find that my sleep, which had always been poor, has become much sounder, so I don't sleep as much. It seems that many things are better in my life because I strive to heed the counsel to "arise early."

I totally relate 2 this wife/mother. My husband, too, gets up between 4:30-5:00 a.m. every morning 4 work & is always so TIRED on his drive home. He also stays up til about 11:00 p.m. every night. Sometimes later & sometimes earlier, but not by much. So I've made it a goal & have put it @ the top of my 'to do' list 2 make it a PRIORITY 2 get up w/my husband every morning & have breakfast w/him. I think it'll help us both, TREMENDOUSLY, 2 not only spend a little bit more time 2gether (and QUALITY TIME 4 that matter since everyone in the house will still be sound asleep), but we'll also be able 2 start out our days 2GETHER!! :D Instead of me sleeping in while he gets up by himself. Gosh, just re-reading that last sentence makes me feel so bad 4 not coming up w/this a long time ago. :( I think it'll help him on his drive home 2 make it SAFELY back 2 us @ the end of his shift as well as help me not have so many late nights & then feel so so TIRED during the day. :D

I'm so EXCITED 2 see what changes will come about in this effort we'll be putting forth. I'll definitely have 2 keep you all updated. :D On that note. . . .it's about that time 4 me 2 turn in. We just got home 4rom our reunion meeting & I'm EXHAUSTED. 'Early 2 Rise & Early 2 Bed'

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Future Super Stars!! Woo hoo!! :D

Here are 2 video clips of our Tu'akoi/Finau grandkids showing the world what they're made of!! Lol. We've definitely got some talent 2 look out 4. :D Woo hoo!! :D

Weird Weather?? Definitely!!

As I stated in my earlier post, my husband & I had a GREAT date night planned 4 tonight. Well, it didn't quite turn out as expected. Lol. While we were having dinner @ 'SIMPLY SUSHI'. . . .which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend 4 all you sushi lovers out there ;) the rain started coming down so HARD. Not even kidding or even exaggerating, 4 that matter. We started debating whether or not it was worth it 2 even be going 2 the movies 2nite, but 4 those of you who know Hoko & I?? :D We try very hard not 2 let the weather determine our circumstances/outcome. Law of attraction, right?? Definitely. Hahaha. . . . .we ended up heading over 2 the District, regardless of the rain. They have this really cool FEATURE there that allows us 2 be able 2 just drive up 2 a kiosk outside & purchase our tickets before heading inside. AWESOME, right?? :D I know, we count our blessings everyday 4 these little simple pleasures in life that we get 2 take part of. :D Well, the show was sold out, even though it was being shown on 4 different screens. And this is 4 Transformers II, of course. :( Seems like we weren't the only ones that weren't letting the weather get in the way of our plans. Lol. But since we don't like 2 watch movies anywhere else, we decided 2 head down 2 Salt Lake & pick up our son 4rom my sister's house.

My parents have this thing w/spoiling their grandkids a little bit too much?? Lol. So we've been really restricting my son on the amount of time he spends w/them. We're the ones that are going 2 be answering 2 Heavenly Father on this little spirit of ours' life, right?? Lol. So I figured we'd better not get lazy & just let him be spoiled rotten like that. Hehehe. . . . . .we'd all rather be dwelling in the HIGHEST degree of glory cause ETERNITY is definitely a LONGGGG time. Hahahaha. . . . . On our way there we caught a couple of shots of the MOST BEAUTIFUL rainbow we've both ever seen. Seriously. . . .it was so HUGE & so BRIGHT. It was AMAZING!! :D We stopped by a Redbox 2 pick up a dvd, but nothing seemed interesting enough 4 my husband 2 lose sleep over. Especially since he CHERISHES so much every moment of rest that he can get his hands on. And it ain't much these days. Lol. But I'm sure he has no complaints. Hehehe. . . . .

It's been so rainy here 4 the past month & the reports on the news is that the mosquitos will be here in FULL force this coming up week. Ugh. . . . .we already experienced the FULLNESS of their power up @ Bear Lake & I am definitely not looking 4ward 2 greeting them here @ home as well. :( But I guess I have much 2 be grateful 4 since I'm surrounded by stores of all kinds that carry everything I need 2 keep my family protected as much as possible 4rom those annoying little critters!! This year has definitely brought a lot 4 my family & I 2 be grateful 4, but this 'WEIRD WEATHER' is probably not one of 'em. Lol. I've indulged myself in my ISLANDS magazine & am constantly dreaming of being away on a remote island w/my little family & living the 'simple life.' :D I'll keep working 2wards those types of goals cause they're definitely worth striving 4. They keep my HOPE alive. Lol. On that note, I'm gonna turn in. My husband & my son have been asleep 4 a good 2 hrs already & I'm only now joining them. . . . .

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleepless Nights?? Not 4 Me. . . . LOL

I thought I would be having those sleepless nights already that I started experiencing around this time during my previous pregnancies, but just like how I haven't experienced any back aches & so forth. . . . .I'm happy 2 say that I'm still sleeping like a baby. :D I know a lot of it has 2 do w/my husband being home this time around since I always can count on my favorite part of his body being. . . . .his big buff arms 2 hold me close @ night & make me feel so safe & secure. Lol. I've been using house cleaning as a form of working out since it's so hard 4 me 2 keep up w/what I'm used doing. :( That in itself, has been a very DIFFICULT challenge 4 me. I'm so used 2 being able 2 push myself literally 2 the LIMIT & I loved every minute of it. :D I have about 6 more weeks left of my pregnancy, but knowing me. . . .I'll definitely go early. I haven't had one pregnancy that's allowed me 2 go all the way 2 my due date. And I'm not complaining one bit. Lol.

Cravings. . . .pretty much anything chocolate & anything cold. So not a good combination 4 me!! Lol. I've had 2 be CREATIVE in trying 2 stick 2 a healthy lifestyle & eating habit. I've succumb 2 only eating white meats except on those special date nights that I get 2 pig out & eat steak & potatoes w/my MISTER!! :D When home, I'm usually throwing down in the kitchen & I'm really BIG on my kids growing up on healthy foods as well so the only other meat besides chicken & pork that they ever eat is. . . . .my TASTY terriyaki burgers. Hahaha. . . . .it's a family fave of ours. :D I recently learned how 2 make my own homemade dressing that's 2 die 4. Lol. Even if I do say so myself. :D And how economical has it been 4 us?? It only consists of 4 ingredients: canola oil, rice wine vinegar, sugar & pepper. :D This dressing combined w/my homemade salad is FANTASTIC. Add chicken & you have a complete meal. :D

So even though this pregnancy has been nothing short of perfect 4 me, I still have my moments. It's very hard 4 me right now 2 get up & walk around. My son is right up under my rib cage & it causes me 2 have a little difficulty breathing whether I'm laying, sitting or walking. In the next 6 weeks he's supposed 2 turn head down & it'll be a lot easier 4 me 2 breathe, but I'm sure I'll have a lot more pressure 2 deal with & it'll be HARDER 4 me 2 walk. Lol. I swear if it's not one thing, it's another. Hahahaha. . . . .But I'm grateful 4 the WONDERFUL opportunity of being able 2 experience all the stages of MOTHERHOOD & can't wait 4 our new addition 2 join us. :D On that note. . . .my husband just walked in the door & we're making it a dinner & movie 2nite. Which I'm REALLY excited about since the kids are spending the night w/their grandparents @ my sister's house. :D Nothing like sushi & a great movie. Probably gonna catch Transformers II since we've been dying 4 it's release. Lol. But I'm looking 4ward 2 watching My Sister's Keeper. I've been waiting 4 that 2 come out, too. So it might be another movie night 2morrow, too. Lol. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend. Life's too short, right?? Live it up!! :D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Presidential Adviser

Brother Chhay Leang Suy, a high councilor in the Church's Phnom Penh Cambodia South District, has been approved by His Majesty king Norodom Sihamoni to be an adviser to the President of the National Assembly of Cambodia. Brother Suy is the first member of the Church to hold such a distinguished position in the Cambodian government.

The honorable Samdeck Akkak Moha Ponhea Chakrei Heng Samrin, President of the Nat'l Assembly, is pleased to have a person of Brother Suy's experience & background serving his country. In his position w/President Samrin, Brother Suy will be responsible for advising on city infrastructure, public health services & educational improvement. His term of service expires in July 2013.

Brother Suy has enjoyed many other firsts in his life. He became the first of his family to join the Church in 1995. The foreign missionaries who spoke the Cambodian Khmer language so well impressed him enough that he took the missionary discussions. Two months later he was baptized. Because of his example, two sisters & a niece were also eventually baptized.

Brother Suy was the first native-born Cambodian from Cambodia to serve a mission in the U.S. He served in the Idaho Pocatello Mission from 1997-1999. While serving as a missionary in Idaho, Brother Suy met President Dee Reynolds, Stake President of the Ashton Idaho Stake. President Reynolds remembered Brother Suy as a quiet & humble missionary struggling w/the English language. The tables reversed this year when President Dee Reynolds & his wife, Nikki, were called to serve as proselyting missionaries in Battambang, Cambodia. "We remember that Elder Suy needed a coat even during the summer in Idaho & now we need air conditioning in Battambang," Sister Reynolds said.

Brother Suy was also the first of his family to graduate from college. He earned a business administration & civil engineer degree from Nat'l Management University & Norton University in Phnom Penh. He is also earning a master's degree in Public Law.

Brother Suy is married to krern Sophaul & they have 3 children.

What an inspiration, right? I love this article & admire Brother Suy 4 all that he has accomplished thus far in his life & all that he continues 2 strive 4. The skies the limit & he has definitely proven that the opportunities in life are ENDLESS. Especially when you put the Lord first. :D He's a GREAT example & inspiration in my life & admire his work ethic so much. :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

'A Tribute 2 Fathers'

Here's 4 all you WONDERFUL fathers out there who have stepped up 2 the plate & taken FULL RESPONSIBILITY in taking care of your individual families. :D It's not an easy job being a father & I'm PROUD of the one I have & the one that's been by my side raising our kids w/me. I'm grateful 2 all you fathers 4 the HARD WORK & DEDICATION you put into making LIFE a wonderful journey 2 be shared!! :D

Our Tu'akoi Reunion Has Come 2 An End. . . . :(

This past week we had our Tu'akoi reunion. It started early Monday morning w/breakfast @ Linda & Dave's house. After breakfast, we headed 2 the gas station 2 gas up & check everyone's tire pressure. :D Once we were all good, we headed 4 our drive up 2 Bear Lake. What was supposed 2 be an hour & a half drive turned into a 3 1/2 hour drive. We had some delays on our journey up, but I'm HAPPY 2 report that we FINALLY made it there. And SAFELY 4 that matter. Lol. :D

We camped out from Mon-Thur. It was filled w/activities 4 both the kids & the adults. We had clean up crews every night as well as different cooking crews. Can I get an 'AMEN' 4 how ORGANIZED & WELL PLANNED this trip was?? Hahahaha!! It was FANTASTIC!! :D I loved every minute of it & it has been a WONDERFUL way 2 kick off our summer!! :D Before we all headed home 4rom the camp, Dave took family pictures of all of us @ the lake & even though we were ALL in our 'MORNING LOOKS' . . . . .I'm still looking 4ward 2 seeing them. :D Lol.

We enjoyed quality time 2gether as a family & got 2 know each other more. It brought our families ALL closer 2gether & if only 4 that. . . . .it would've been well worth it. But we got a ton more than we BARGAINED 4. :D Our kids got 2 know each other better, we created GREAT memories, we worked 2gether as a TEAM on several different activities as well as just being 2gether on cook days/nights & the list goes on. . . . . .Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures on my camera while @ camp since my charger was M.I.A. :( But everyone else took a ton of pics so as soon as they post theirs. . . . .I'll be sure 2 jack 'em. Hahaha!! Lol.

We ended our reunion 2night w/a dance. We had several different programs prepared & we all DANCED our hearts away 2 the AWESOME music provided by DJ SEAGULL 4 LIFE, BABY!! Hahahaha!! :D (Such an inside joke) Here are some pics 4rom the dance 2night. :D We had a BLAST & can't wait 2 do it again next year!! Woo hoo!! :D We love you Tu'akoi & Finau families!! :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yay!! We Have The Rest Of Our Family Pics!! :D

Sila came by our house last night & dropped off our picture discs w/the rest of our pictures on it. And I'm so EXCITED & HAPPY w/the way they came out. :D Thank you so much 2 our MOST FAVORITE photographer, Priscilla Falatea, 4 sharing your AMAZING talent w/us. We LOVE the results & can't wait 2 order our ENLARGED print(s) thru you. :D Here are some of our FAVES: