Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving Back??

So I've been playing around with the idea of perhaps it being a smart decision to move back to Salt Lake. . . .now hear me out. Lol. I love living in Ogden primarily for the fact that I'm within 120 seconds of drive time to my school. Which makes a HUGE difference. Also, I like being a little bit away from families & friends because of the fact that it isolates me from that part of my life that can be somewhat distracting at times. Lol. Because all of our families live out there, we're constantly commuting every weekend back & forth & with these gas prices?? It's a bit ridiculous. But when I weigh out the pros & cons. . . . .it's much more economical for us to commute to Salt Lake on the weekends then it will be if I were to have to commute from there to here everyday. So I guess problem solved. Lol.

I had to get this off my chest cause it's been bouncing around in my head for the past month or so. And as much as I push it to the back of my mind, it keeps finding its way back to the forefront.

With that outta the way. . . . .this past weekend was another time inducing, extra busy, family filled weekend shared with the ones we love most. Friday started out crazy with my butt sitting in immigration for the second time this week, mind you, this building is all the way in Salt Lake (once again refer to the two previous paragraphs). I had to clear up some stuff with my residency status in order to be able to take the holds off my admissions at Weber in order to continue my education. A few other bumps in the road that I've been dealing with while trying to broaden my horizon & enlighten my brain. Lol. I am so relieved & so grateful that everything has finally panned out & I have registered for summer semester with no resistance. I'm currently enrolled in twelve credits, but am scheduled to see my advisor Friday morning to see if I can add one more. And as crazy hectic as twelve credits already is, I need one more three or four credit course since I was only able to take three classes last semester because of the fact that I registered late so I'm trying to get back on track with taking one extra class this summer semester. I'm clearly aware of the fact that it's gonna be really difficult to stay afloat, but I'm hoping that I will get through it alive.

After I got everything squared away with immigration, I headed back to Weber to clear everything up in admissions. It took all of two minutes & I was outta there heading to the girls' school to pick them up. We headed home & cleaned up a bit, grabbed their change & headed BACK to Salt Lake for the kids to spend the weekend with grandma before she heads to Fiji. A special request from grandma Selu since she'll be gone for four weeks. :( Savou & Liyah didn't wanna stay so they had the opportunity of heading to my sister's house with us to do s'mores & play with my other nieces & nephews. Which wasn't part of the plan, but my sister text me on our way back home so we stopped by. We finally got home around 3 am & ended our night with a quick stop at Betos for a TEXANO burrito that was to die for!! My fave!! :D I was scheduled for a breakfast date with my sister & Ati (which is my sister's sister in law) which I totally missed cause I was too busy sleeping. Lol. I jumped up at 9:20 & called my sister that I wasn't gonna get there in time for breakfast. Ugh. . .we finally got back to Salt Lake a little after 11 am & my sister & I started our day together. She took me to get a pedi, then we headed to the Gateway for lunch at Applebees & then upstairs to the megaplex for a movie. Hanna, to be specific. It was a great day & we had a lot to catch up on. :D We headed back to her place & ended up spending the night there watching movies & just chillin. FUN & better yet. . . .so RELAXING!! :D

Sunday came & we headed to my parents place for our easter lunch/dinner cause our eating lasted all day. We got to talk with my parents more about our family land that my parents just recently purchased in Fiji, which is the reason my mom's leaving there on Thursday. That got us all excited as well. We ended our weekend at the Mostyn's for an egg hunt & dinner that they put on for our families. Nothing comes close to the time spent amongst the ones you love & cherish. Makes you grateful for all the things you have been blessed with that can easily be taken for granted. This was our crazy weekend that's pretty much every weekend. Especially with summer approaching & the weather warming up. Birthday parties, weddings, reunions, etc., are just the beginning of these unforeseen weekends that are approaching. :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Been Awhile??

It's been awhile, right?? I know. I feel like I'm always saying this so I'm just going to accept the fact that this is the way it's gonna be. I can't get to my blog as often as I'd like, but who's keeping track anyway?? Lol.

I took the last of my finals today. Phewww. . . . .what a relief. I am so happy to say that this semester hasn't been a total disappointment. It started out pretty rough. I took all generals classes and won't get into any CORE classes til next spring. I went and saw all my professors yesterday n today to see how my grades will turn out. If everything goes well with my finals I did today, I am hopefully on track for straight A's!! Woo hoo!! I am so happy cause I was so SHOCKED when they all said that. I was crossing my fingers & toes that I would at least get a 'C' so that I wouldn't owe any financial aid money back to the school for failing. :D

I had an interesting conversation with my psych professor. We got to talking & I mentioned how I thought all my classes would be pretty easy since they were all intro classes. Boy was I wrong. I thought that maybe the difficulty of them all was the fact that they were all packed into seven week courses and not the full fourteen weeks they usually are. My professor went on to shed some light on me & explained how intro courses are a lot more difficult then CORE classes. She said that they introduce you to the subject as a WHOLE and not specifics of it. Like this psych 1010 course. We went over everything in a nutshell about psych. But if I was to take a child psychology class, it would primarily focus on that field of psychology. Makes sense, right?? I hope so cause it made total sense to me & I didn't feel like such a dummy.

I have been so blessed to have my husband home while I've been in school this past semester. I don't know how I would've been able to cope with all the stresses of school, motherhood, kids, home, and just LIFE. Even though I understand that he'll be leaving out of town soon, I'm cherishing every moment that he's here with me. I love him so much!! :D

Something that I've learned about finishing out the semester is how GREAT I feel. A feeling of accomplishment, even if it is just for the completion of ONE semester. One of the intro classes I took was in computers and I was able to learn Windows 7, MS Word, Excel, and Power Point 2010. It's given me more confidence in myself in having that picture in my mind of getting back into the workforce. Especially in this economy.

I'm grateful for my wonderful kids!! I have been so blessed with such helpful, loving kids. Aaliyah & Lote have taken on more responsibility around the house with cooking, dishes, Savou & just little things here n there that add up. Helping to dress their younger siblings or making them cereal. I feel humbled and eternally blessed for their love & support in my going back to school. There are a lot of nights where I can literally feel the walls closing in on me. Like I'm falling short of so many responsibilities & I cringe inside. When those nights come, my kids can do the MOST simplest of things to put a smile on my face & remind me of how grateful I need to be for everything that I have been blessed with. I don't think my kids will ever understand how much they carry me through the TOUGHEST of times & I thank my father in heaven for blessing me with these wonderful spirits. I absolutely feel that they have benefited me more than I can ever benefit them. They are just so precious. With that said, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be bringing in another spirit into this world. I am thirteen weeks along & already showing. Ugh. . . .not that I'm trying to hide it or anything. But most of what's showing is just fat from my lack of exercise. At least what I'm used to when it comes to exercising. It's been really hard this time around. Back in January, I knew I was cause I woke up one day & my body totally shut down. I had no self-discipline, no motivation to workout, nausea joined me every night, & I was so tired all the time!! What else could it be, right?? Well, I was in denial up until a couple of weeks ago. Like three or four. I've gained a good fifteen pounds already. Pathetic much??

It must be why I was so EXCITED when I logged onto my FB acct & saw that Beyonce's new single is available on ITUNES tomorrow & that her music video is scheduled to release in June. Oh please come sooner!! Nobody motivates me like BEYONCE can!! I love her!! She is so comfortable in her own skin that nobody can come close. :D I'm looking forward to getting myself back on the healthy bandwagon sooner than later. I workout two to three times a week, but it's so not enough. Trust. . . .the scale testifies of this. I hope with the one week break between now & summer semester, I can get myself back into the routine of working out & eating healthy. Til next time. . . . .adios!! :D