Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Countdown Is On. . . . .

Last week, my sister, cousin & I purchased our tickets 4 the 11:59 p.m. showing of New Moon on Thur, Nov 19th. We have been waiting 4ever 4 the tickets 2 come out. I have never bought a ticket so much in advance as this. Lol. This is how EXCITED we are & we can't wait 2 see it on the big screen.

Out of all the books in the Twilight Series, I must say that New Moon is my least favorite. I was upset 4rom the very beginning of it when Edward up & left Bella. How could a LOVE so real & so powerful, yet so pure be left broken as it was. I understood where Edward was coming 4rom, but Bella had no say in it. He just up & left. I, literally, cringed while reading it & I almost felt like I was experiencing those feelings of depression that Bella was feeling. :( I know, I know. . . . it's just a book. But when you're as divulged in it as I know all you TWILIGHT fans are. . . . .you can't help, but feel all the EMOTIONS that the characters of the book go through. It seriously is INTOXICATING!! Lol. Anyways, Bella & Jacob totally got on my nerves throughout this book & I wished so much that Bella was REAL so I can knock some sense into her. LITERALLY!! Hahahaha. . . . .Can you tell where my LOYALTY lies?? Definitely TEAM EDWARD!! :D

We are so so EXCITED 2 watch New Moon. We'll be in the Jacob Themed theater since the Edward one was sold out. :( But we'll still be rooting 4 our 'DEAR BELOVED' :D Hopefully, Soloi & Leina will be joining us. :D Can't wait!! I know there are a TON of people/fans that are impatiently awaiting Nov 19th. It's gonna be a BLAST!! See you all there!! :D

An update: Emily, Soloi, Leina & Nita just got their tickets yesterday & will be joining us on premier night!! Woo hoo!! So EXCITED!! :D It's gonna be a blast!! :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Matters Most. . . . .

I love this clip 4rom our dear beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. :D It's the most recent message posted on our LDS website. Certainly takes me back 2 what's really important in life & of course 2 'WHAT MATTERS MOST'

Monday, September 14, 2009

Smiley Face :D

Our baby Savou turned one month old this past weekend on Saturday. :D It seems that every night when we close our eyes 2 go 2 sleep. . . . .we wake up 2 our handsome baby boy & we swear he grew bigger!! Lol. Whether it's his height or whether he's growing sideways. Hahaha. . . .this morning when I woke up & was playing w/him, he gave me the BIGGEST SMILEY FACES EVERRR!! And I had 2 blog about it & post his pics. :D

Only a parent can understand the kinds of JOY these precious little spirits bring into our lives. But especially us, mothers. We have a different kind of LOVE 4 our children that is unwavering. It reminds me of the LOVE that our Heavenly Father has 4 each & every one of us. The kind of LOVE where we know that no matter what we do in life or what our weaknesses are. . . .we KNOW of a surety that we can always turn 2 our mothers. And that's EXACTLY how it is w/our Father in Heaven. :D

This past Sunday while I was sitting in Relief Society listening 2 the lesson that was being shared by our Relief Society president. . . . .it gave me a lot 2 think about & ponder w/in myself. I've always looked @ the Relief Society as a security blanket in my life. The women in this organization have ALL always been very motherly & I have always felt that my name was safe w/them. I have always tried 2 emulate this way of life in my own & I'm not one 2 sit & claim that I'm perfect. . . . .in no way am I this. But I have always practiced LOYALTY in my own life & have always strived 2 ensure that the people in my life know that their name(s) are safe w/me. Meaning that I would never intentionally say anything hurtful about you. If so, I've always tried 2 mend my wrongs. I love the Relief Society organization 4 continually teaching me about my different roles in this life. I love being a WOMAN & cherish all the blessings that come w/it. 1st & foremost the blessing of being a MOTHER & having that special bond w/our Heavenly Father in bringing 2 pass the procreation process & being the HELPING HAND w/in our families. :D Lucy Mack Smith said, "We must cherish one another, watch over one another, comfort one another & gain instruction, that we may all sit down in heaven together." Another scripture that was shared in the lesson that is one of my faves says, "If you live up to your privileges, the angels cannot be retrained from being your associates." I have a strong testimony of how important a role we, women, play in making sure we do our best in the strengthening of our families & the sustaining of our priesthood holders in our homes. :D I love being able 2 continually strive 2wards perfection & eternity & in so doing. . . . .going thru those stumbling blocks in life & being able 2 get back up & keep fighting that fight that's been going on since before we came down here 2 earth. :D

My children have a way of constantly reminding me that I do have a responsibility. A responsibility as their mother 2 teach & nurture them in the right way. If that were the only thing I did here on earth. . . .I would think that it would be satisfactory. And I would hope so. Lol. Anyways, totally got side tracked, but it's something that's been on my mind & I'm glad 2 be sharing it. :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Such A Busy Weekend. . . . .

This past weekend we celebrated the birthday of Hoko's grandma, Sita Lomu. We have been having dance practice every night 4 the past 3 weeks. Hoko & I jumped on the bandwagon a week late due 2 our schedule. But we were able 2 jump on regardless. With all the hard work & lack of sleep added 2 our already busy lives. . . . .it was all well worth it 2 see everything come 2gether yesterday. It was so BEAUTIFUL 2 see our girls dance w/the rest of the great grand-daughters in their hula number, which I must add that me & my husband both missed. We ended up watching it on Ampee's camera so a BIG SHOUT OUT 2 her 4 recording the girls' dance. :D

We were also able 2 perform our ma'ulu'ulu. It was great!! :D On Friday night was the formal night dance which we dressed up 4 & we had a BLAST!! It's been a great weekend & we were overflowing w/feelings of plain LOVE 4rom being surrounded by FAMILY. :D Once again, we're GRATEFUL 4 being able 2 have been BLESSED w/such GREAT people in our lives. Here are some pics that we took on Friday night, but unfortunately I didn't get any on Saturday cause it was soooo busy 4rom the moment we got there until the moment we left. :( But I'm sure I can jack some 4rom other family members that were there & able 2 capture the moment. Lol. Enjoy. :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day. . . .

After coming off a busy busy weekend. . . . .we still had Labor Day 2 enjoy before Hoko headed back 2 work. Or @ least we thought we'd be able 2 just chillax & enjoy the holiday. Lol. But since we had some of our family over @ the house 2 celebrate the blessing of our baby Savou, it was definitely another DEEP CLEANING session in our house before we could go anywhere. :D

After that was all said & done, we headed over to the park 4 another 'Lomu Reunion' dance practice & enjoyed the company of our families as well as some GREAT bbq. We definitely ended our weekend on a GREAT note & even though we were EXHAUSTED by the end of it. . . . .it was all well worth it & we're so GRATEFUL 4 FAMILY. :D It's definitely worth it 2 STRIVE 2wards being an ETERNAL FAMILY. :D

Here's some pics 4rom our Labor Day. It was all filled great family & great fun!! :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Special Day. . . .

This past Sunday we celebrated the blessing of our son, Savou Ephraim Tu'akoi. :D It was a very special day & one that I always look 4ward to w/all of our children. Where they are given a name 2 be recorded in church records as well as their blessing date & the name of the person who blessed them. :D

There was an article that I read by Elder David B. Haight where he shares this story that touched me deeply & I thought it a great opportunity 2 share it on this post. :D He says:

Last Sunday, Ruby & I attended a sacrament meeting of a ward here in central Salt Lake. The meeting was most interesting because in that ward there is some affluence as well as people who are living in halfway houses. Just before the testimony meeting, a young lady walked up to the bishop on the stand holding a little baby in her arms wanting the baby to receive a blessing. The bishop stepped down & took the little baby, & the baby was blessed.

Near the end of the testimony meeting, when there were a few moments for me at the end, I asked the young lady who had brought her child up to be blessed if she would stand by me, which she did. In the meantime, while the testimony meeting was going on, I asked the bishop, whispering in his ear, "Where is her husband?"

The bishop said, "He's in jail."

I asked, "What is her name?" and he told me her name.

She came up & stood by me by my side, carrying the little baby. As we were standing at the pulpit, I looked down on this little precious baby, only a few days old, & this mother, the mother of that little daughter who had brought her to receive a blessing at the hands of the priesthood. As I looked at the mother & looked at that precious little child, I wondered of what she might become or what she could be. I spoke to the audience & to this young mother about the proclamation on the family, & of our responsibility to our children & the children's responsibility to their parents, & the parents' responsibility to each other. That marvelous document brings together the scriptural direction that we have received that has guided the lives of God's children from the time of Adam & Eve & will continue to guide us until the final winding-up scene."

This is only a small part of Elder Haight's talk that I wanted to share w/you all. I was greatly moved, even to tears when reading this part of his talk. I thought of this mother attending church this 1st Sunday w/out her husband & knowing enough about the gospel 2 want 2 have her baby blessed. I thought of how it might be if I were in this situation & how afraid & lonely I would've felt having 2 walk my baby up to the pulpit & request that my baby be blessed by the bishop. I felt very PROUD of this mother @ the same time 4 being able 2 know of the importance of her baby having a member of record in our church. It also made me very GRATEFUL 2 be surrounded by worthy priesthood holders that put in the work on a daily basis 2 keep themselves worthy of the priesthood which they hold. I, especially, felt very humbled & very lowly in heart that I would be so blessed as 2 be filled w/so many members of my family who are members of the church, but also felt very sad when thinking of those who haven't embraced the gospel in their lives yet. This talk gave me a lot 2 think about & reminded me of how BLESSED we are, as members of the church, 2 have such specific instructions given 2 us that tell exactly what we are to do in how we live our lives on a daily basis & what we need 2 be striving 4 to become an ETERNAL FAMILY. I'm so grateful 2 be a part of a WONDERFUL family whom I love & cherish w/all of my being. The Lord has blessed me greatly & I am truly humbled 4rom all the experiences I go through everyday. Whether they be bad or good. . . .I know that there is something 2 be learned 4rom each & everyone of them. :D

I'd like 2 thank all of our families & friends that were able 2 make it out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able 2 get any pictures of you all, but know that we love & appreciate all the support that you continually show us. I'm going to end on this note, but once again. . . . .thank you all. Strive 2wards eternity. Our kids deserve the BEST in everything. And that includes all the rewards & blessings that come w/all the hardwork & experiences we go through in this life. :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here in UT we have a site: It's AWESOME!! It like an online garage sale except 4 the fact that you can also find homes 4 sale/rent on there as well as cars/trucks etc. . . .

We've been on this website a lot lately trying 2 find different things @ an affordable price. 1st things 1st is the stand up freezer that I've talked about in some of my previous posts. Well, I finally found one that we'll be able 2 go look @ 2nite once Hoko gets off work. I called & spoke w/the owner this morning & asked if they could plug it in so that by the time we get there, we'd be able 2 see if it's in working condition or not.

Our most recent buy 4rom this website?? A bike 4 our little Lote!! :D We paid only $15 & she gets 2 ride in style!! Lol. She contributed $2 to the purchase of her bike & will be doing some extra work around the house & also her specialty. . . . .giving massages 2 my mom & I. She's actually REALLY good 4 her age. And that's what she wants 2 be when she grows up. A massage therapist. :D Exciting stuff!! :D

We're also looking @ a couple of other things on this site, but I won't share that unless we actually get around 2 buying them. Lol. Anyways, here's some pics of Lote's new bike. Oh & Sila w/her hand me down bike as well cause she pretty much demanded I take a picture of her, too. Lol. :D