Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthdays Birthdays. . . .And Did I Mention. . .Birthdays!! Lol.

So this month has been FILLED w/birthdays in our family. :D Started out w/my father inlaw going 'OVER THE HILL' & reaching the good 'ole age of 50!! :D Wow!! Doesn't seem like that BIG of a number. Especially when my parents are closer to 60 this year. Lol. We got 2gether & headed 2 every UTAHN'S dream. . . . .CHUCK-A-RAMA!! Hahahaha. . . .best buffet around!! :D It's always great being able 2 get 2gether as a family & celebrate each other's milestones. And believe me. . . . .this was definitely a MILESTONE in Manase's life. Hahahaha. . . . .We definitely missed my beautiful mother inlaw, Polu, & hope that either she'll be down 4 a visit or that we'll be able 2 road trip it out 2 the BAY & visit her. :D

Next birthday up is my son, baby Hoko. He turned 3 on the 20th. Unfortunately, we have yet 2 celebrate it. We had a family program that went on that weekend & so we pushed his back. We'll be celebrating it up today along w/our Polu Marie. She turned 6 yesterday. We're taking them 2 Classic Skating 2nite 4 a night of family birthday FUN!! :D Polu Marie will be getting her 1st pair of roller blades 4 her bday before we head out & we're so EXCITED 2 give 'em 2 her!! She's been working so hard & non-stop every time my parents take all the grandkids 2 Classic skating or Hollywood Connection. She'd come home all bruised up from falling all over the place, but my parents said that she never gave up. And now she's good enough 2 skate @ a slow pace & not fall. :D Woo hoo!! So we knew if we got her rollerblades that she would cherish them so much more because of the fact that she's been working so hard @ it. :D

My daughter, Polu Marie, has the same bday as her auntie Fine. So Sheena & I took Fine out 2 breakfast 2 kick off her bday. It was such
GREAT fun & so relaxing 2 just CHILL & enjoy each other's company. :D I had 2 head 2 Polu Marie's school afterwards & take treats 4 her class in celebration of her bday so I wasn't able 2 join the ladies on their trip 2 go get Fine's hair done. We all chipped in 2 pay 4 her hair 2 get done. :D She turned the big 30 so we had 2 do it BIG!! :D And boyyyy did she go all out!! She totally CHOPPED all her hair off & she is ROCKIN' her cut & new look like nobody's business!! Hah!! I love it!! We're also getting 2gether this Saturday 2 learn how 2 make caramel apples while Taeao's boyfriend, Nick, throws down in the kitchen 2 make us dinner!! :D I'm so EXCITED!! As if the night can't get better?? We're heading 2 the District afterwards 2 end our night watching 'Dear John' :D I've been dying 2 watch that movie. Well, we all have!! Lol.

Birthdays are always such IMPORTANT occasions 2 celebrate in our family because the birth of families & friends are such PARAMOUNT moments in life that deserve all the attention in the world. We love & appreciate all of our families & friends & know that you all play a part in who we are & strive 2 become on a daily basis. :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Circus Circus!! :D

Yesterday we had out family activity 4 the week. :D We had the opportunity 2 take the kids 2 the circus here in South Jordan. :D And this activity was yet another very ECONOMICAL success!! :D The girls got coupons 2 go 2 the circus 4 FREE so only Hoko & I had 2 pay. And w/6 kids?? It doesn't get any better than this. :D We've taken the kids 2 the Ringling Bros show before & I swear this one was pretty much the same exact one. :D We had a BLAST & the kids had a GREAT time 4 the 1st hour. That's how long we lasted before I let them SUCKER me into buying snowcones. Lol. It was GREAT though & the memories created are PRICELESS!! As they always are. :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


YAY!! Our little Polu Marie got an award 4 'OUTSTANDING BEHAVIOR' & was able 2 go down 2 the principal's office 2 pick a prize. :D She came home 4rom school, her face lit up & could not wait 2 show us her BRIGHT pink piece of paper. Lol. :D These are the moments we live 4. Doesn't cost a thing, but helps 2 reassure us that our efforts in the 'PARENTING' department aren't in VAIN. Hah!! :D We'll treasure these memories so we have something 2 look back on once her adolescent years kick in & BOMBARD us w/all the changing & dramatic hormones & mood swings we all went thru @ that stage in life. Lol. :D Oh the joys. . . . . :D