Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8 Yrs Old & Counting. . . . .

We had the WONDERFUL opportunity of celebrating our beautiful little Lote's 8th birthday. It was an EXTRA SPECIAL day 4 her because she made the choice 2 be baptized & 2 receive the holy ghost as a constant companion 2 help her make right choices throughout her life. We are so PROUD of her & pray 4 her safety & well-being daily. She was able 2 sing a musical number (Baptism Song) w/her sisters. A member of our stake presidency was there, President Faupula. In his closing remarks, he requested that the girls perform that musical number the next day in our sacrament meeting. Which they did. We're so proud of our little singers in our growing family. Nothing invites the spirit into a meeting more than a musical number that's sung by innocent voices of these little children that we love so much. :D My most favorite age group: PRIMARY. :D We were able 2 come home after her baptism w/families & friends & eat & enjoy each other's company. It was a great weekend thus far. I'll have 2 get more pics from our eating afterwards cause my camera was MIA during that time. Lol. Here are some that I did manage 2 take before it went missing. :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movie Of The Week??

So we've seen the previews 4 the past month or so 4 the movie, 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid' & it looked so funny that we planned w/the kids 2 head 2 the District, yet again. . . .lol. . . .4 another family night out @ the movies. :D This time around, we stopped @ our local gas station here @ the corner & grabbed the kids their snacks 4 the movie, instead of paying an arm & a leg 4 just one piece of candy each. :( So terrible, I know. But lesson learned. Our kids are also happy cause now they get 5 pieces of candy each 4 less than the price of their 1 that they used 2 get 4rom the movie theater. :D Problem solved. :D

After we made the quick stop 4 our snacks, we headed 2 our show. It was just right. We caught a matinee so we got an even better price than the night show. We were totally on a roll. Lol. The audience size was perfect. Not packed @ all, but not empty either. And it was filled w/parents & their children. It was GREAT. The movie was HILLARIOUS & our kids loved it. :D We had another great night out. When we got home we started on dinner & ended the night w/a nice drive 2 our favorite ice cream place: ICEBERG. :D We were all happy campers that night. It's always so great being able 2 spend quality time 2gether. Seems like the more activities we enjoy as a family, the more we want 2 do them 2gether. I love it so much. It's always a scary thing 4 a parent 2 not know what's going on in their children's lives. I want 2 decrease my chances of falling into that category as much as possible. Anyways, totally off track, but it's what motivates Hoko & I 2 try & cherish these moments. Before we know it they'll be leaving home 2 venture off into the world. Wow!! :( Anyways, we had a blast & can't wait 2 do it again. Obviously. Lol. 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid' was so cute & so funny!! Another great family movie!! :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another GREAT Family Home Evening Activity. . . .

So we've always been pretty BIG on making sure we keep 2 our weekly family nights. I didn't realize @ all how much FUN it would be 2 head 2 our rec center & go swimming w/the kids on a Tues night. We were supposed 2 go yesterday 4 our FHE, but had 2 postpone it due 2 the girls not finishing their homework & chores early enough 2 go & be back in time 2 have dinner & then have them turn in 4 the night. So we delayed it til 2day w/the same conditions that applied. Homework & chores done by 6. The girls definitely impressed me by finishing up all their duties & so we headed 2 the pool. Hoko sat & just watched us w/Savou since he just recovered 4rom his ear infection. We keep our risks 2 a minimum w/Savou. I'm sure you can understand why. :D

Sila was our SPOTLIGHT 4 the night. Her & baby Hoko always have life jackets on when we get into the pool. And she was seriously FEARLESS once she realized that the life jackets hold her up & keep her afloat. So she took 2 the deep end like a GROWN UP, lol, & back stroked her life away!! Hahahaha!! It was HILLARIOUS!! She was seriously bumping into adults, teenagers, kids, & paid them no mind @ all. She was totally FOCUSED on her swimming on her own & being able 2 go where she wanted to. Hoko & I were some PROUD parents. We saw people stopping & doing double takes as she swam by them cause they couldn't believe she was swimming on her own. Lol. It was so cute & she gave her little brother, Hoko, enough courage 2 venture out on his own as well & float his little heart out. :D We went thru the lazy river time & again until we saw grandma Selu come in from working out upstairs & we knew it was time 2 go. We got out of the pool @ about 7:30 pm & headed home & started dinner.

We were able 2 put our new toy 2 use. A brand spankin' new deep fryer that we bought 4rom the outlet store in Draper for a little under $30, which may sound a little pricey, but seriously it was a steal considering it's one of those really BIG ones. We've been planning 2 get one 4 a while now so we were totally ECSTATIC 2 have found this one @ such a bargain. Hoko's made scones in it before, too, & it's just HEAVENLY!! :D Of course, not 4 my waistline, but I can never pass up my husband's hard work in the kitchen. Lol. Next up 4 our new toy. . . .DOUGHNUTS!! :D Woo hoO!! Can't wait. :D We had Chicken Crispers & Fries 2nite w/Orange Creme Floats 4 dessert. The kids went 2 sleep REALLY full & I know they're all gonna sleep like babies 2nite. Except maybe Savou since he's starting 2 cry right now. So til next time. . . .adios. :D

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice In Wonderland. . . .

We took the kids 2nite 4 another family night out. :D We headed 2 our favorite spot & practical neighbor: The District. :D The kids have been dying 2 watch 'Alice In Wonderland' since they 1st saw the previews. So sure enough when they woke up this morning, that was the 1st thing that came out of their mouths. Lol. And I mean. . . .even before brushing their teeth. Ewww. . . .hahahaha!!

After returning home from running errands w/Hoko 4 the 1st part of 2day, he headed out the door & went & purchased our tickets @ around 1 pm for the 6:05 showing. The 1st theater was already sold out, but luckily they're showing it on 3 screens so we were still able 2 get great seats in one of the other theaters. :D The kids absolutely LOVED this movie. Even moreso than Percy Jackson, which surprised me quite a bit. I must admit that I was a bit judgemental when I 1st saw the previews 4 this movie. I thought it was gonna be another FREAKY-DEAKY type remake of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. But it was nothing like that. It was great & we loved it. All in all, I'm glad we were able 2 enjoy the movie so much & love being able 2 spend time 2gether & officially naming Friday nights as pretty much our FAMILY NIGHTS!! :D Even if it consists of us @ home chillin' in front of the tv chillaxin' 2 some great conversation & a great round of DJ Hero!! :D They're new favorite game 4 the time being. Which I must say has TIGHT enough mixes on it that we can totally use it 2 dj one of our kids' bday parties someday. Lol. Not sure how they'd feel about that, but it would definitely be worth a try. Hah!! :D

On a serious note, though. . . . .I feel absolutely humbled & so so grateful 4 all that I've been blessed w/in my life. My husband & kids are definitely @ the top of that list. :D They keep me striving 2 be better & remind me on a daily that life is filled w/priceless moments. It's what I hold nearest & dearest 2 my heart. :D 2day has been another WONDERFUL day. :D And 4 that, gratitude is always present. :D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crawling & Scooting Thru Life. . . . :D

Our baby Savou is now 6 months old & growing up wayyyy too fast!! :( As they all are. He is now crawling & scooting his way around our living room floor & it's so AMAZING 2 see him go go go. . . .With his health being so up & down the past 2 months, we're happy 2 report that his appetite is back 2 normal & in FULL SWING!! :D He's recovering 4rom yet another ear infection & feeling much better!! :D He's such a HAPPY baby & seriously attached 2 Hoko & I like no other child of ours ever was. Lol.

We're preparing ourselves 4 the older girls' parent/teacher conferences & are eager 2 see their progress in school. :D And there better be some progress w/how hard we've been working 2 stay on top of their school work. Lol.

Sila's been learning how 2 write her name sporadically 4 about a month now. She's getting really good & we're hoping 2 start on her last name soon. :D We're going 2 start teaching baby Hoko how 2 write his name as well next week. He's learning 2 recognize the letters of the alphabets first.

Hoko & I both just received new callings in our branch. We were both really nervous about it @ 1st & questioned if our names were really the ones that came 2 mind or if there somehow could've been some form of miscommunication 4rom Heaven above 2 earth. Lol. But we've replaced our fears w/faith & our very EXCITED 2 do everything we can, w/the help of the Lord, 2 magnify our callings. Our lives have just become that much more busier, nevertheless, we are very blessed 2 be instruments in the hands of the Lord in moving His work 4ward. :D In a way, Savou's not the only one learning 2 crawl & scoot right now. Lol. We're right there w/him in our new callings learning new things, relying whole heartedly on the guidance of the spirit 4 inspiration 2 know how 2 reach out as well as 2 teach & be in tuned w/what the Lord wants. We served in quite a few different callings before, but never the ones that we're currently in right now. We're both very humbled & very grateful 2 be able 2 contribute 2 the cause.

Our lives are crazy busy, but we're SUPER excited 2 be living it!! :D It's all about the PRICELESS moments in life that make it worth living!! And our kids provide plenty of that as well as remembering what matters most in life. Families, church, friends & so forth. :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Night Out @ The District. . . . :D

Last Friday we took it 2 the District w/the kids. It was a GORGEOUS day out. The sun was out & we usually walk there, but it was a little too CHILLY 4 Savou so we took our van that's been parked in our garage 4 over a year, 2 the District 4 a ride. A man by the name of Gene Wassmer, a very close & long time friend of the Tuakoi family fixed my PRIDE & JOY!! :D Woo hoo!! I love my minivan!! :D Not even kidding!! It's payment free, runs smoothly & most importantly. . . .we can fit w/all of our kids in it very comfortably!! Lol. So we headed 2 the District 2 go walk around & window shop. :D Hoko wanted us 2 stop by the drive up kiosk 2 see if there were any family friendly movies out that we could watch & sure enough. . . .Percy Jackson just came out so we took it 2 the 6:30 showing. :D After purchasing our tickets, we took our van 2 the car wash 4 some much needed TLC, lol, then headed back 2 the District & had dinner @ our family favorite restaurant, Applebees. :D After that, the kids & I walked around a couple of stores & browsed around. Before we knew it, it was time 2 cross over 2 the Megaplex 21 & load up on our individual snacks & drinks & get seated 4 our showing. :D

I had Savou strapped 2 me & I think he was very SNUG cause he didn't miss a beat when the lights were turned low, he drank his bottle & snoozed his little life away til the movie ended. :D It was HEAVENLY!! :D We LOVED the movie. And when I say 'WE'. . . .I totally mean every single member of our family. The kids were totally into it the whole time. It was GREAT!! :D @ the end of the night we were pretty pooped & ready 2 head home 2 a comfortable bed & knock out. :D Here's some pics 4rom our family night out!! :D Isn't this what life's all about?? :D Making memories & spending quality time 2gether?? :D We think so. :D

Caramel Apples W/The Ladies!! :D

Last Saturday we learned how 2 make caramel apples 4rom the LOVELY Taeao & the LOVELY Dorothy!! :D It was so much FUN!! Fine wanted 2 learn how 2 make 'em 4 her bday so Taeao planned out our night & it turned out GREAT!! :D Pizza was ordered 4rom my favorite pizza place: BIG DADDY'S PIZZA!! :D They're the BEST!! :D We made caramel apples & dipped them in milk chocolate as well & then drizzled 'em in white chocolate!! Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. . . .it was so so GOOD!! :D Fine had a BLAST & we all learned how 2 make something new. :D Fun times!! :D

Exactly 3 Yrs & 3 Days Apart. . . . :D

Polu Marie & Baby Hoko are exactly 3 yrs & 3 days apart so we've decided that we will be celebrating their bdays 2gether every year!! :D And they LOVE the idea!! Lol. For now, @ least. We had a quiet celebration @ home w/just our little family. We were going 2 take them 2 Classic Skating, but ended up canceling cause my niece had her bday party there the next night. So we told the kids that they would be going there then & that we would be doing cupcakes & ice cream @ home. :D Here's some pics 4rom their night!! :D