Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Mom To A Teen

We celebrated Aaliyah's 13th birthday yesterday!! Aaaaahhhhh!! And then I realized, wth.....I am the newest mom to a teenager now. Crazy, but still so exciting!! 

I love my Aaliyah!! Her and I used to NEVER get along. She was always her daddy's girl and everyone on his side of the family. She was always the opposite of me in personality growing up so we CLASHED all the time. Up until two years ago, this was the case. But I'm happy to say that she has a changed a lot as she's grown older. She is growing into her own person whose learning so much about herself and accepting all her flaws as the parts of her that help define who she is destined to be. She is really mature for her age and has always been. She's a lot like me, but wayyyyy better!! We've grown so close and I love that she confides in me. When she gets home from school, she always comes and tells me about her day. And believe me, this girl's life is so interesting. I love hearing about all the craziness that goes on at her junior high. 

For example, she came home today telling me how she was walking to school and slipped twice on the ice and almost fell, but caught herself both times. There was a girl behind her that laughed both times at her and then called her an idiot. And then that same girl slipped and actually fell on the ice and Aaliyah was like, "Yeah, at least I caught myself." That girl was like, "What b&$%h? You wanna fight?" Aaliyah was like, "No, do YOU wanna fight?" Aaliyah said this girl was smaller then Polu Marie. My nine year old daughter. And that girl's reply was, "Yeah. Lets go!" Aaliyah was like, "Actually, no. I don't wanna fight. You're hella small and I will break you." Then she turns and walk off. Then this girl comes up behind Aaliyah and yanks her hair. OMG!! I was like, REALLY?! Aaliyah said she turned around and grabbed her by her head and slammed her face on the ground and then kicked her in her stomach which left this little girl crying on the ground. Aaliyah said she was so MAD!! She had to force herself to stop and went into the school. This all happened before her school even started. Holy cow!! 

I usually always tell my kids to walk away or ignore people if they're being mean to them especially Aaliyah cause she doesn't realize her own strength. This girl has always been so strong. It's definitely from her dad's side. Namely her DAD. And while my kids have always taken my advice to heart, Aaliyah was bullied in elementary from kindergarten thru fourth grade. And I always thought in the back of my mind that if this girl only knew her true strength, these bullies would not mess with her. So I continued to tell her to just ignore them unless they ever put their hands on her. Well, that day has finally arrived and I am not mad that she defended herself even when she tried to walk away at first. 

Another experience that happened today with her (OMG, I was like, this all happened today?) was right after school. She was waiting for one of her friends that she walks home with who was using the bathroom. This one kid that likes her was talking to her in the hallway and some other boy pushes him aside to get to her and he's like, hey Aaliyah. You are looking fine today. Aaliyah said he had a pervy look on his face so she was like, "Ewww!!" And then he reaches behind her and tries to grab her butt, but before his hand could get there, she punches him in his gut, which he wasn't expecting so she totally knocks the wind out of him. Then the guy that was talking to her first walks back up to that boy and threatens him to not ever try that again. The boy laughs and says, "Whatever little boy." Which doesn't make any sense cause Aaliyah says this boy that likes her is bigger than the other boy. HOI. So the boy that likes her decks this other guy right in his nose which causes his nose to start spewing blood everywhere. Holy cow!! But I was like, awwwww. He totally stuck up for you. Lol. 

Can you believe all the drama she had all in one day?! And these are just the two I'm sharing. There was more. HOI. Her teenage madness has begun!! I was seriously just sitting there like, this all happened today?? And she's like, yeah. I told her, I'm walking you to school tomorrow. Aaaaaahhhhhh!! Leave my little girl alone PEOPLE!! 

Ugh, this has been on my mind all day since she got home and told me. I can't believe she has to deal with all this and still maintain her 4.0 GPA and still try to live her life righteously and be worthy of her calling as a beehive president. She is so far from perfect, but I love her so much for continually trying to be the person she is. She AMAZES me every day with her self confidence and optimism for life. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Under The Weather

I've finally caught whatever bug has been torturing my household for the past three weeks now. I can't even remember who it started with. I think Hoko with his head cold. Now it's gone through most of the kids and now me. Worst head cold ever. 

It's forced me to move my workout schedule to a four day split. I'm back in the gym today. I've been taking Mucinex and it's helped a ton. And I've also been having my green smoothies for the immunity boost. Loading up on lots of water today. 

Jordan and Savou have definitely gotten the worst of it. Lucky they're the two that aren't in school. Savou's doing a lot better now. Jordan is slowly recovering. Hopefully, we can get this bug outta this house an outta our lives so we can start getting back to our daily routines. I hate feeling under the weather. It mainly affects my workout schedule. Everything else in my life, I can manage. But the gym? It'll either help me get better or accelerate my declining immune system. It's a hit and miss. I guess only time will tell. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eight Is Great!!

Our baby girl, Sila, turned eight years old this past Thursday. We were able to take her favorite treats to her class for her to share with. 

I'm kinda back to using my Nikon now that I've taken an IG break. And I love it!! 

We also gathered the family together for a visit to Pa and brought cake, cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate her birthday since we're not sure how much longer he'll be with us. 

Red Velvet cake made from scratch. My first time making this kind of cake. It was a hit. I used Cake Boss's recipe and it turned out perfect. So moist and so delicious!! 

Cream cheese frosting!! Also CB's recipe!! This cake was amazing!! Definitely one of my faves!! Sila had a blast spending her birthday with her cousins!! 

She is looking forward to her baptism on Feb 1st and so are we. I'm so happy that it just so happened to land on Hoko's week off. It will be an amazing experience for her and the rest of our family. I can't wait. 

We got to attend the Eight Is Great fireside tonight where they shared all the details of this special day. We just have to finalize the time of her baptism next Sunday with the primary leaders. 

I have more pics from Sila's birthday on my camera that I'll upload soon from my laptop. In the mean time, you get to enjoy the ones off my phone. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Down And Up Mass Day 2

Day two of the Down And Up Mass program was a success. Barely. Lol. I felt great when I first started out on dead lifts, but as soon as I finished up backs and moved on to arms, I felt taxed and out of it. I know it's due to my not drinking enough water yesterday. I better be on top of it today. 

I was able to finish up my whole set nevertheless. I have incorporated cardio acceleration into this program and in order to keep things interesting, I've switched it up. Did rowing, sprints and incline walking. I did other things as well, but not anything new. I'm thinking of running a mile a day post weights. I'm still thinking about it. 

Broke out the cheetah print today!! Lol

Monday, January 6, 2014

Down And Up Mass Day 1

Today was the first day of Jim Stoppani's Down And Up Mass seven week program. It was chest and arms today. I loved it. I'm incorporating cardio acceleration into this program. Jim says it optimizes fat burning and I've missed it so much. 

This was how cold it was this morning. OMG!! 

After dropping the kids off to school this morning, I headed straight for the gym. Hoko's home this week so I'm taking full advantage of hitting the gym first thing in the morning. Plus, I read an article from Jim where he says its ok to hit the weights first thing in the morning in a fasted state as long as you take your preworkout supp beforehand and a protein shake immediately afterwards. So that's precisely what I did this morning. I added a banana, flaxseed, all natural peanut butter and two cups of spinach to my protein blend. It was deelish and very fulfilling. That muscle milk I picked up at Costco last week with the graham cracker flavor is so GOOD!! 

Dressed up in layers this morning cause its so cold!! I love my Adidas sweater!! It's so slimming and matches my sweats perfectly!! 

I was taxed in the gym this morning. But I loved my workout set!! It was GREAT!! 

And yeah...I totally worked out in my Uggs today cause I forgot to change my shoes. But I love my Uggs. They're so comfortable!! Best investment everrrr!! I need to get me a couple more pairs. This winter has been really cold. I'm super excited to workout my legs tomorrow!! 

Anyways, I took some pics this morning before my workout and I swear I look a little smaller than last week. Lol. It might just be me, but I'm my own worst critic so I don't know. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Getting Sick?!

Savou was up all night off and on cause he spiked a fever, was coughing like crazy which then led to him throwing up. He kept moving from the couch in the living room to my foot side bench and then onto the bed. Poor thing. As soon as morning came, I called the doctor's office to get him an appointment. We had to miss Liana's baptism in order to take him in. I was so sad. But with the deaths of the H1N1 lately here in Utah, I couldn't delay him being checked. They tested him for the flu and strep and both came back negative. So they said that what he had was viral and that his fever would break soon, but to watch his cough. As soon as it got junky to take him back in cause that would be the makings of pneumonia. HOI. 

So I'll be keeping a close eye on him. Jordan's starting to have the same symptoms right now. Just not as bad yet. I'm so happy Hoko's coming home tomorrow. My sister sent this pic to me after Liana's baptism. Sooooo CUTE!! I love these kids!! 

After Savou's doc appt, we went to my sister's to pick up the girls. When we got back I headed straight to the gym for an end of the week workout. I decided to do legs and when I got there, I was so not feeling it. I felt heavy and outta shape. It was weird. I thought maybe I was just tired so I did as much as I could and then I hit the sauna. 

I had to get this shot. I was doing body weight pliĆ© squats and then I went up on my tip toes for standing calf raises. I was surprised when I looked in the mirror and my tank was sitting on my booty like that!! Yay!! Lol. The goal is to get it looking as good as JLo's. Where I can sit a cup on it effortlessly. Lol. Seriously. My butt has come a long way. It used to be a straight back from top to bottom. Hahahaha!! And that is why I SQUAT and everything else. Building those glute muscles so I can fill out my jeans, skirts, dresses and everything else. 

I still have so much work to do!! And I'm ready!! Where there's a will, there's a way. Lol. 

Anyways, I'm so happy I got in one last session this week in the gym. When I got home I had to take Aaliyah shopping for some new school supplies. As soon as we got out of our van to go into the store, I got the chills. And so it is, I am totally catching what my boys have. HOI. Glad I have my DayQuil close by in case it gets bad. I can't wait to see Hoko tomorrow. And I'm ready for the kids to go back to school. Hallelujah!! 

It's so cold!! Gotta dress warm to and from the gym. 

Jamie Eason five months post pregnancy!! Wow!! Amazing!! She looks GREAT!! 

And KimK!! She looks AMAZING, too!! Just reaffirms that hard work and discipline pays off. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Gym Buddy

Cedez has spent the past two days with me. I love my niece so much!! We have so much in common. She packed all her gym attire so she can hit the gym with me.

We did backs yesterday and then arms today. We were straight DEAD!! I love having a gym buddy every once in a while. The gym is so therapeutic for me and I love to go alone. Of course, unless its Hoko. But I also love going with my daughters or my nieces. It's was great and I'm so grateful she has a love for weights like I do. 

Today was payday so after paying rent, our phones, and our cable/Internet bill, I went grocery shopping. I ready an article by Jim Stoppani on his 10 guidelines to your health. He posted this about protein sweets and creatine. 

He had other points, but I found these three the most interesting. So while at Costco I picked some supps. 

And the clean eating is still in full effect. Just ate this. 

Gonna do spin or a full body workout tomorrow to end the week. Maybe both. We'll see.