Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Mom To A Teen

We celebrated Aaliyah's 13th birthday yesterday!! Aaaaahhhhh!! And then I realized, wth.....I am the newest mom to a teenager now. Crazy, but still so exciting!! 

I love my Aaliyah!! Her and I used to NEVER get along. She was always her daddy's girl and everyone on his side of the family. She was always the opposite of me in personality growing up so we CLASHED all the time. Up until two years ago, this was the case. But I'm happy to say that she has a changed a lot as she's grown older. She is growing into her own person whose learning so much about herself and accepting all her flaws as the parts of her that help define who she is destined to be. She is really mature for her age and has always been. She's a lot like me, but wayyyyy better!! We've grown so close and I love that she confides in me. When she gets home from school, she always comes and tells me about her day. And believe me, this girl's life is so interesting. I love hearing about all the craziness that goes on at her junior high. 

For example, she came home today telling me how she was walking to school and slipped twice on the ice and almost fell, but caught herself both times. There was a girl behind her that laughed both times at her and then called her an idiot. And then that same girl slipped and actually fell on the ice and Aaliyah was like, "Yeah, at least I caught myself." That girl was like, "What b&$%h? You wanna fight?" Aaliyah was like, "No, do YOU wanna fight?" Aaliyah said this girl was smaller then Polu Marie. My nine year old daughter. And that girl's reply was, "Yeah. Lets go!" Aaliyah was like, "Actually, no. I don't wanna fight. You're hella small and I will break you." Then she turns and walk off. Then this girl comes up behind Aaliyah and yanks her hair. OMG!! I was like, REALLY?! Aaliyah said she turned around and grabbed her by her head and slammed her face on the ground and then kicked her in her stomach which left this little girl crying on the ground. Aaliyah said she was so MAD!! She had to force herself to stop and went into the school. This all happened before her school even started. Holy cow!! 

I usually always tell my kids to walk away or ignore people if they're being mean to them especially Aaliyah cause she doesn't realize her own strength. This girl has always been so strong. It's definitely from her dad's side. Namely her DAD. And while my kids have always taken my advice to heart, Aaliyah was bullied in elementary from kindergarten thru fourth grade. And I always thought in the back of my mind that if this girl only knew her true strength, these bullies would not mess with her. So I continued to tell her to just ignore them unless they ever put their hands on her. Well, that day has finally arrived and I am not mad that she defended herself even when she tried to walk away at first. 

Another experience that happened today with her (OMG, I was like, this all happened today?) was right after school. She was waiting for one of her friends that she walks home with who was using the bathroom. This one kid that likes her was talking to her in the hallway and some other boy pushes him aside to get to her and he's like, hey Aaliyah. You are looking fine today. Aaliyah said he had a pervy look on his face so she was like, "Ewww!!" And then he reaches behind her and tries to grab her butt, but before his hand could get there, she punches him in his gut, which he wasn't expecting so she totally knocks the wind out of him. Then the guy that was talking to her first walks back up to that boy and threatens him to not ever try that again. The boy laughs and says, "Whatever little boy." Which doesn't make any sense cause Aaliyah says this boy that likes her is bigger than the other boy. HOI. So the boy that likes her decks this other guy right in his nose which causes his nose to start spewing blood everywhere. Holy cow!! But I was like, awwwww. He totally stuck up for you. Lol. 

Can you believe all the drama she had all in one day?! And these are just the two I'm sharing. There was more. HOI. Her teenage madness has begun!! I was seriously just sitting there like, this all happened today?? And she's like, yeah. I told her, I'm walking you to school tomorrow. Aaaaaahhhhhh!! Leave my little girl alone PEOPLE!! 

Ugh, this has been on my mind all day since she got home and told me. I can't believe she has to deal with all this and still maintain her 4.0 GPA and still try to live her life righteously and be worthy of her calling as a beehive president. She is so far from perfect, but I love her so much for continually trying to be the person she is. She AMAZES me every day with her self confidence and optimism for life. 


pwincessdi said...

OMG that is crazy! Ariana is a lot like her dad. Very reserved, she doesn't talk a lot. I have to force things outta her, or write each other. Lol. She doesn't tell me stories from school. She only mentions what's due etc. after reading your blog...maybe I'll start asking her a lil more about her day lmbo! I'm glad Aaliyah stuck up for herself, that's awesome! Great job teaching her (: teenagers are def hard, but very interesting lol

Fiona and Hoko Tuakoi said...

I wouldn't have it any other way with my teenager. Lol. Her life is crazy, but I find comfort in knowing that she has standards and she better be living by them. Lol. Ariana is too cute and is definitely her dad's mini. So cute!! And yes, as I her more about her day. Cause my Aaliyah has stories for days!! Lol.