Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zumbatomic!! :D

So I've been commuting 2 Bountiful every chance I get 2 join Teresa Auva'a in her zumba class which she instructs. She's is. . . .HANDS DOWN. . . .the best!! No lie. No exaggerations necessary!! Since my 1st experience in her class, she has proven time & time again, what an AMAZING dancer/choreographer/fitness instructor she is. :D 4 if this wasn't so. . . .I wouldn't make the 45 min commute 2 be in her class. Unfortunately, I've been unable 2 attend 4 the past couple of weeks, but I'm happy 2 report that I will be back in attendance this Wed night 4 her Hip Hop class. :D Woo hoo!! I love it!! I'm so EXCITED!! :D

The title of this post?? ZUMBATOMIC!! It's the name of the zumba class designed especially 4 kids that she has just started & I will be taking my girls down 4 the class on Fridays & hopefully on Mondays as well. We've been quite busy w/our everyday life as well as the upcoming wedding of my brother, but I, too, share Teresa's passion in incorporating a healthy lifestyle 4 our children. They are our future. Enough said. This was her post this past Sunday. Hope you don't mind, Teresa. I think it's so important 2 spread the word on such an important matter. :D

Getting our kids active!!!

From the Surgeon General's Office: The Childhood Overweight and Obesity Prevention initiative reports: "To date more than 12.5 million children and adolescents are overweight."
The number of overweight children has more than tripled over the past three decades. This is heartbreaking to me!

As they grow older, overweight, children and adolescents are more likely to have risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. They may also experience immediate consequences and be at increased risk for chronic health problems in adulthood such as...asthma, psychological effect of social stigmatization, sleep apnea etc.

I share some of this with you because I am passionate about a healthy future for everyone!
To ensure a healthy future for America's children, we must take preventative measure such as:
Check out other preventative measures here.

I am determined to help with this in any way I can and hope you will join me and spread the word in your community as well.
ZUMBATOMIC is one great way!!
In addition to avoiding adult disease due to overweight and obesity issues, exercise also has many other benefits for children. Children regardless if they have weight issues, should partake in some form of healthy exercise.

The goal of Zumbatomic is to develop a healthy lifestyle to incorporate fitness as a natural part of children's lives, not just a class they attend once a week. While exercise is very important in childhood development, Zumbatomic also considers the whole child. Developing a healthy lifestyle including learning:
Leadership, Teamwork, Respect, Pride, Confidence and Responsibility along with Coordination, Balance, Discipline, Memory and Creativity.

So take the challenge this week to get your kids more active and hopefully I will see them in Zumbatomic.
Lil Starz ages 4-7 Wednesdays from 4:00-4:45pm
Big Starz ages 8-12 Monday and Friday from 4:00-4:55pm
Expressions Dance 3221 S. Highway 89 Bountiful UT
$5 per child per class or $40 punch pass for 10 classes.

I am thrilled to be ushering in Zumbatomic to our community as one of the 1st instructors. I hope to get the word out to our schools and other parents as we encourage children to live healthy lifestyles!

Monday, April 12, 2010

When The Storm Hits. . . . . . .

This past weekend was quite different 4rom all of our other weekends. And yet while I'm writing this, I'm thinking about how every weekend is pretty much an adventure in our home. With some adventures better off 4gotten & left un-shared. Lol. With half a dozen kids 2 keep up with, a husband, a dog, a calling, siblings 2 stay connected with, friends who are loyal & have been since the beginning, visiting teaching, health & fitness, dinner 2 stay on top of, summer term registration & I swear this list is never ending. . . . .Yet in all the CHAOS of life, it's nice 2 simmer down on the 7th day of every week, gather 2gether as family (which in this case, I'm only talking about immediate immediate family ie. husband, wife & kids) @ a place of worship & be reminded of the true meaning of life & what matters most. :D

As I was starting 2 explain in the beginning of this post, this past weekend we were asked 4rom our stake presidency 2 fast as a stake 4rom 5 pm Saturday to 5 pm Sunday. Bishoprics & Branch Presidencies were 2 decide how they wanted their individual wards/branches 2 handle it. Whether we were 2 have dinner 2gether on Saturday & then start our fast or have dinner Sunday 2 break our fast 2gether or if families were going 2 just fast on their own. Our branch presidency decided that we would gather 2gether @ our chapel on Sunday @ 5 pm 2 break our fast 2gether. We were 2 take it 2 the Lord in prayer. We were fasting because as of the last week of April, our stake center is undergoing a very vigorous renovation. After the renovation, only single wards will be utilizing the building. So in other words, we are left stake center'd-less. If that makes any sense. We were asked as members in our stake 2 fast 4 an answer 2 our prayers in receiving a stake center. The plea 4rom our stake presidency was so URGENT & really brought me 2 tears. As my husband & I were driving 2 pick up our kids 4rom the 'sitter, we were talking about the fireside that had just taken place. I told my husband my thoughts. My worries, would probably better describe my feelings. I asked him if he thought that maybe a lot of our people in our stake were falling behind. If maybe they weren't as faithful & getting through this life as we are supposed 2 be. If there were many that have fallen 4 the things of the world & not holding steadfast 2 the 'iron rod.' It brought tears 2 my eyes & an ache in my heart 4 all of those that haven't quite grasped the full importance of there not being much time in this life. How temporary this life is when you can see things in an eternal perspective. The mere fact that if we aren't sealed as families & death comes upon us, that's it!! End of the road 4 us. The sealing power here on earth holds no family 2gether that hasn't put it into use within the holy walls of temples.

I know I'm totally coming off all serious & weighty, but it's my love 4 PEOPLE that brings the heartache & the never ending worry. Our Sunday School teacher worded it perfectly as we were discussing the story of Joseph in the Old Testament that was sold into Egypt. He explained that when the storm in our lives hit, the bigger the waves & the more buried under it all we may feel. . . . .2 remember that the Lord is sending those waves 2 carry & push us 2wards the celestial kingdom. If we are able 2 recognize & know w/full surety of our hearts that no matter the size of the TRIAL. . . . .2 always remember the BLESSING(s) will always be equal 2 it. Because of opposition. . . .where everything has 2 have it's opposite. Good & evil, right & wrong, active & inactive, happy & sad, thick & thin. . . . .no matter what it may be. Everything in this world has its equal opposite. So the thing 2 remember when going thru life's endless trials & tribulations is this: That is there is a definitely LIGHT @ the end of the tunnel. That the SUN always comes out after the storm 2 restore warmth & peace. With that said. . . . .I will continue 2 keep a constant prayer in my heart 4 our stake & ask that you do the same. :D Hope your Monday is as REFRESHING as you deserve it 2 be. :D

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1Nephi 6:5

'Wherefore, the things which are pleasing unto the world I do not write, but the things which are pleasing unto God & unto those who are not of the world.'

I've never been one that has ever really just gone along w/the majority if I knew in my heart that it wasn't right. The gospel plays a BIG role in the person that I have become 2day & whom I continue 2 strive 2 become everyday. It really does amaze me when people share things online that maybe is more appropriate in their personal journal(s). I state this only because KARMA is very REAL & you can't intentionally hurt someone w/out facing consequences 4 such actions.

I'm sitting in bed & I've started reading the Book Of Mormon again. Inspiration brought about by General Conference. Guidance & instruction given by Elder Bednar 2 read the Book of Mormon & teach 4rom it. And I came across 1Nephi 6:5. It immediately humbled me & has brought a sense of overflowing gratitude 4 this wonderful book filled w/endless teachings that I may be able 2 be comforted by such verses as this. I've run into a couple of situations where people that I was once very close 2, have written about me online & have publicly stated their feelings 2wards me. Everyone has a right 2 their feelings & opinions & I respect that. But what gets me is the fact that none of these people ever tried approaching me personally 1st. I mean, seriously. . . . .isn't there a common sense type of mutual respect where people who are supposed 2 be your friend & have a problem w/you come 2 you 1st?? I guess I just answered my own question. There are those that ARE your friends & then those that fall into the SUPPOSED to be your friend category. Crazy the experiences that life puts us through. Definitely 4 our own good, but it definitely sucks 2 be the one going thru it sometimes. But when all is said & done. . . . . .I do believe that I can honestly say that I have a clear conscience & I feel no guilt @ all.

This in no way is anything that's going on in my life right now. But it has happened 2 me in the past & when I came across this scripture, it brought these memories 2 the surface. I've come 2 be very grateful 4 all the experiences that I've gone through because it has taught me a very important lesson. And that is: To look 4 the blessing(s) in disguise in every situation/experience. Cause it never fails that there is always one 2 be found. The challenge is on our part in finding what it is. :D And believe me. . . . .sometimes finding it is the easy part. It's taking that next step in deciding what you're going 2 do with what you've now found. :D Lol. Sometimes easier said than done. I just wanted 2 share my thoughts & feelings I got when I came across this scripture. So not trying 2 get all personal w/you all. Lol.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Did I Get Married Too??

So I have been waiting ever so patiently 4 this movie 2 come out. I didn't even know there was a sequel in the works 2 Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married' until I was in the theater waiting 4 New Moon 2 come on & it was one of the previews. :D I've been so EXCITED since. It came out last Friday & Hoko & I were able 2 break away after the kids were fast asleep & catch the late show. 10 pm to be exact. :D I'm a huge fan of Tyler Perry. His movies are so real & Madea cracks me up 4rom morning til night. Lol.

This may sound a bit 'CLICHE,' but I'm such a SUCKER 4 love. Lol. I love movies that portray different relationships & especially marriages. I'm married & am going on 10 yrs this Oct & love being able 2 relate 2 other couples. We may not have ever gone thru the same exact problems, but it's nice 2 know that marital problems are REAL & that w/enough focus, attention & hard work on both sides. . . . .problems can be overcome & that the experiences make us stronger & who we are today.

Take the 4 couples in this movie. Every single one of them has their own set of problems in their marriages. We are taken on a journey through their most vital & most PIVOTAL moments in their marriages that will either make them. . . . .or break them. I don't know why I'm always so amazed when I watch things on tv or even a movie & find such commonalities in those characters w/myself & my husband. Then I find myself thinking, "So that's common? That's not just us?" Lol. My sister inlaw was telling me how she was watching Regis & Kelly & how Kelly was on there w/Jerry Seinfeld, who happens 2 be a very close friend of her husband's. So she asks him if her husband tells him about their arguments. He says yes & she asks him what he thinks. He then says that he just laughs becuase of the fact that it's not his argument. She then asks him what her husband's pet pieve is when it comes 2 her. He tells her that he hates all the time she spends playing BEJEWELED. Hahahahahaha!! Kelly replies by saying something like. . . . Can I get an AMEN 4rom all the women who relieve stress through playing this game & their husband's just annoyed cause when he's ignoring you & playing video games & then decides he wants your attentions now & you don't drop everything just 2 give it 2 him, meaning stopping my game, can I get an AMEN?? Lol. How funny is that?? Who wouldn't be able 2 relate 2 Kelly Ripa on that one?? Hahahaha. . . .Hillarious!!

Tyler Perry did an EXCELLENT job in directing this movie. I loved it so much, in case you couldn't tell. Lol. I definitely recommend it as a 'MUST SEE' :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Celebration. . . .

Our kids have been a bit spoiled every year around this time of year. They were able 2 participate in our branch primary easter party 1st last Wednesday. They had a blast. They had bowling, fishing, basketball, x & o's & a pinada!! :D And they had 2 go 2 each station & play every game so that they could get a symbol @ the end explaining one of many things. One was a picture of a lamb. . . .representing Jesus Christ. Another had a cross. . . . .representing his atoning sacrifice on the cross. Another was a picture of a candle light. . . . .representing the light of the world. . . . .and so forth. If they had all their symbols, they were 2 match 'em up on a worksheet, get it corrected by one of the primary leaders & if they passed. . . . .were given a pass 4 popcorn 4rom the kitchen. :D It was great!!

The kids were broken up into different age groups 4 their egg hunts. Lote si'i found the golden egg & was able 2 take home the treat bag that was the center piece on each table. :D With half a dozen kids. . . . .I knew that one of 'em would get the golden egg. Lol. :D They served dinner 4 us. Hot dogs, teri burgers, chips & toquitos. Lol. That last one was kinda random, but HEY. . . .I'm not complaining. Hahaha. . . .

2 days later. . . . .our kids were able 2 enjoy another easter party here @ our home. :D Fine, Sheena & myself have been planning this lil party 4 the kids 4 a little over a month now. It didn't turn out as planned, but the kids still had a blast!! :D We were supposed hold it @ our neighborhood park, but due 2 the snow storm the day before, it was a bit too cold 4 the kids. So we switched it up & had it @ our home. We kept our menu simple. Hot dogs, brawts, several different fruits w/our famous fruit dip (lol), chips & a simple easter bunny chocolate cake. :D We had 2 different easter egg hunts. One 4 the older kids & one 4 our younger ones. Taeao came thru w/easter baskets 4 all the kids that Nick's mom, Dorothy, had made. She seriously is the best!! On every holiday, she makes things 4 all the grandkids. We are so blessed 2 have her in our lives. :D The kids absolutely adore her. As do we. :D Here are some more pics 4rom our very busy easter week. :D

Inspiration Filled Weekend. . . . .

We are just coming off of General Conference, which I must say is one of my most favorite weekends of the year. :D The other, of course, being in October. :D This year, it landed on Easter Sunday. One of my most favorite holidays of the year. A time in our lives where we're able 2 reflect on the Savior & his atoning sacrifice so that we'd be able 2 return 2 father in heaven again. The messages shared as well as instructions given during this conference was so much needed. As are all conferences. I noticed many messages shared were targeted directly to us. PARENTS. And oh how grateful I was. Some to individual roles of mothers. Others to individual roles of the fathers & priesthood holders in the home. It was amazing. :D One that has left me feeling very safe & very optimistic as I look towards the future. It is helping me to stand FIRM & IMMOVABLE in a world that is filled with flakiness, disloyalty, heartache, etc. . . .It is in these times that I am ever so THANKFUL 4 the atoning sacrifice that our dear Lord & Savior made 4 us that we may be able 2 repent of our sins & have the chance 2 return back 2 father in heaven, if we so choose. I pray 4 my children daily & am learning 2 pray 4 all of our brothers & sisters. Not just the ones in the gospel, but every single one of them as a whole. President Uchtdorf spoke of love. Loving all of our brothers & sisters in the gospel as well as those that are without. He spoke of having the pure love of Christ. And I believe that our lives can only be made better by following his counsel. :D

We were able 2 make our way downtown, as we do every year, for the 2nd session. We found a spot on the Temple Square grounds & listened 2 the speakers. During the last half hour, the kids were a bit restless so we got up & took a walk around the square. :D We never tire of the beauty Temple Square has 2 offer. You can really see the Lord's hand in intricate work of temples. :D Leaves me speechless. All in all. . . .we had a wonderful conference weekend & look 4ward 2 next month's Ensign that will be filled w/the talks given this past weekend. :D