Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Bday Celebration. . . .

Lote in her morning looks 'n all. Hahaha

This past weekend we had the wonderful opportunity of celebrating our lil Lote's 9th birthday. WOW!! I can't believe my two oldest are 9 & 10. Lol. When Hoko & I talked about me going back to school, I prayed all of last year to know what I should go in to. It had everything to do with our older children growing up so fast. Once I received my answer, I pondered about it because it would take me a total of SIX YEARS total to finish up. Which means that Aaliyah would be hitting her SWEET SIXTEEN with Lote si'i trailing right behind her. But we continued to pray about it & we also attended the temple weekly in our effort to be sure. And we're pretty positive that this is the path that we're supposed to be on. It's definitely an exciting journey & while we're still in the forefront of it, I am still in AWE of the unwavering love my father in heaven has for me & my growing family.

Lote in her bday church 'fit :D

Right before heading out the door to church

We tried to do a family pix with the self-timer on my camera, but it didn't work. Hence the fact that Hoko's not in this pix. Lol

We had a blast this past weekend in ringing in another birthday year for our Lote si'i. Her treat pick for her class on Friday was doughnuts. Lol. When she got home from school, we headed to the Junction to watch 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules. They LOVED it!! :D We picked up some KFC on the way home & ate & chilled & talked the night away. Saturday came & Hoko & I were busy running around all day. We had a bunch of things that we planned to do around the house, but was put off until after Taeao's wedding was done. And so we started to get those things in order. We did a little face lift to our living room which we're pretty happy about. Now we're tackling one room at a time. Organization is KEY. Especially with half a dozen kids in tow. . . . .it's more of a LIFELINE that if not used, will create nothing, but CHAOS in our household. Lol.

Sunday came & we did what we always do for our kids on their birthdays. Dinner with a homemade cake. :D We kept it simple for this dinner & stuck to ribs with fries. :D But we went all out on her cake. I mixed up her fudge marble cake & stuck it in the oven to bake. When it was done, Hoko stuck it in the fridge to cool down. Then we pulled it out & put the chocolate filling in the middle, frosted the outside & decorated it. :D Hoko did the designs & I put the strawberry milkshake whoppers around the edges. :D It turned out great, but tasted even BETTER!! :D I can't wait to make this cake again cause it will definitely turn out a lot better looking. Hahahahaha. . . . .here's some pics from our weekend. :D

Homemade bday cake made by her dad

This cake was DEE-LISH!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February Was Filled With Birthdays!! :D

Last month was FILLED with birthdays. From some being on the same day, while others were only days apart. And yet they were ALL just days from each other. Lol. It was a HECTIC family filled month, nonetheless.

My father inlaw's bday was up first. And all the boys headed to the monster truck show at the Energy Solutions center for a testosterone FILLED night!! Lol. They had a blast!! And since none of us, women, were there. . . .there are no pictures, of course. But they had a blast. Three generations of the Tu'akoi men!! :D It was definitely a SIGHT to see. :D

Next up was our baby Hoko!! His bday landed on a Sunday so we baked him a cake, made some food & invited our family over to help us celebrate!! He had such a GREAT time with all his cousins. He's now five years old & learning new things everyday, it's crazy. By the end of the night, we were pooped!! Lol.

Three days later was our Polu Marie's bday. She turned 7 yrs old and shares a bday with her auntie Fine. :D Her bday landed on a school day/night so I bought treats for her class & took it up there so they can celebrate with her. :D We also made a special dinner & cake for her as well. :D

And finally, since Fine's bday was on a weeknight, we waited to celebrate hers that Friday. We cooked up a special dinner & baked her a double layered chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling, topped with a chocolate ganache & sprinkled with heath toffee bits. Similar to the ones we made for our kids, but with a different filling. :D Fine's a BIG reese's fan, hence the reason why we went with a peanut butter filling. :D Busy busy week, but filled with what we treasure MOST: FAMILY TIME!! :D