Monday, August 31, 2009

Updates Updates!! :D

Updates on what's going on w/our GROWING family. . . . .Baby Savou will be 3 weeks in 2 days. :D Wow!! Where does the time go?? I've been nursing him since he made his debut & it's been quite the challenge. Lol. My inlaws have been GREAT about giving us a lot of things 4 Savou that we would've otherwise spent money on so I'm very grateful 2 them 4 their generosity.

Savou has been quite different 4rom our other children as they all are 4rom each other & it's been such an AMAZING blessing having him in our home. I've found that I can't really go places w/out him because I miss him so much while I'm gone. It's quite funny cause it's even the case when I'm just running 2 the store. I feel very attached 2 my little fella & I just love him so much. :D He's brought so much JOY & LOVE into our family as w/all the new additions in our family, but it's always great 2 go thru the day 2 day motions w/these experiences @ hand.

The girls are currently off track @ this time & we had a well planned out trip 2 San Francisco this coming up Labor Day weekend, but had 2 cancel due 2 some changes in plans. :( So we'll have 2 make it up 2 the girls this weekend by making sure we plan out our long holiday weekend here @ home. I was thinking we'd kick Friday off @ Bear Lake swimming w/the kids & taking a little grill so we can bbq some food up there. If we spend all day & into the evening then we could do s'mores before heading home. :D Saturday will be started in the morning w/Gemini's football game out here against Bingham. Can't wait. We LOVE us some little league football. :D After his game I was thinking we'd head down 2 the bike trail not too far from our home & go 4 a ride w/the kids. I've been meaning 2 buy one of those bike trailers 4 the younger ones 2 ride in while I take 2 the outdoors & enjoy the beauty of all God's creations!! :D Cheesy?? But I can always think better about my life & where I'm headed when I'm outdoors doing recreational activities. :D We'll probably end our day w/a movie. Not sure if we'll wanna take the kids 2 the District or if we're gonna do a Redbox. Lol. We'll have 2 see about that one. Sunday will be the blessing of our son, Savou. :D We'll be having a bbq @ our place afterwards 2 celebrate this event. :D Monday is still up in the air on what we're gonna plan, but it has 2 be good cause the girls are going back 2 school the next day. Lol. We'll have 2 brainstorm & think about this one.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Annual 2009 Havili Reunion

This past weekend we were able 2 have our '1st Annual 2009 Havili Reunion' :D And '1st' refers 2 it being planned by us, the younger generation, 4 the 1st time. It's been a couple of years since we had a reunion & so we took it upon ourselves 2 cure that problem by planning one out.

We opened it up w/a welcome dance on Friday night where we had a BLAST!! Families & friends were a little slow getting there, but once everyone arrived. . . . .it was GREAT!! :D Saturday was followed w/a bbq @ the park where we rented bouncies, the kids/adults swam, we setup the volleyball net, where I must add that the competition level was quite HIGH when it came down 2 it, LOL, & we enjoyed each others company & had so much food that it was GREAT!! :D Sunday we closed it w/a FHE @ the park where we provided sandwiches, chips & drinks & the rest of the food was brought via potluck by the rest of the family. :D We enjoyed a testimony meeting that, of course, went OVERTIME. Lol. But it was very spiritual & we handed out prizes 2 a select few that stood out 2 us, the committee, during our 3 day reunion. :D And since I'm on the committee. . . . .my husband definitely was one of the select few!! Hahahaha. . . . .Here are some of the pics I was able 2 get. :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby #6 Has Finally Arrived!! :D

August 12, 2009 we welcomed our handsome baby boy into this world. Savou Ephraim Tu'akoi arrived @ 11:42 am weighing in @ a WHOPPING 9lbs 8oz & 21 inches long. :D As you can see he came in w/a full head of hair & everyone that's seen him so far. . . .say that he already looks like he's a couple of weeks old. Lol. He has brought nothing, but JOY into our home & we are so EXCITED 2 finally have him here w/us.

My day started @ exactly 5 am where I woke up 2 some very painful contractions. They didn't even come in subtly. . . .it just came in FULL FORCE & I was up & out of bed in a quickness. Lol. They were 4 min apart & I waited til 6 am before calling the hospital. They told me 2 wait another hour & if my contractions stayed the same or got worse. . . .then 2 head on in. An hour & a half later my mom & I packed the kids into the car & we headed 2 the hospital. I had my mom drop me off w/my oldest daughter, Aaliyah, carrying my bag. When we got there, I was already dilated 2 a 6. They checked me again an hour later & I was @ a 7. By 11:30 am I was @ a 10 & my water had broken. :D It took a WHOLE 2 pushes 4 my son 2 make his debut & we were so HAPPY w/his arrival.

I had my 2 sister inlaws, Ame & Fine, in there w/me as well as my husband & can I just say that I have the BEST sis inlaws EVERRR!! :D They made my experience so DO-ABLE. :D I love them so much!! :D Fine massaged my legs & arms while I was getting drugged up & Ame kept my mind off things while conversating w/me about random things. Lol. It was great. My husband didn't have 2 do a thing until it was time 4 me 2 push. And even w/that. . . .it was only 2 pushes til he came out so he pretty much had it easy this time around. Lol. And in all actuality. . . .this is usually how all of my labor/delivery experiences have been. So he better consider himself a LUCKY guy. Hahahaha. . . . .

The text messages came in by the dozens as well as the phone calls once Ame sent his picture out. :D Thank you 2 all of you 4 all the LOVE & SUPPORT. You'd think w/this being baby #6 that it wouldn't be that big of a deal anymore, but it was just the OPPOSITE. :D We had a ton of visitors & we love you all 4 taking the time 2 welcome our son into this world. He's been such a JOY & words can't express a mother's love 4 her child in which I have 4 mine. We're very grateful 2 be able 2 have welcomed him into our home & lives. :D We're so EXCITED 2 watch him grow & develop his own unique personality. With that said. . . .I'll keep you all updated on him as he learns & grows & while we learn & grow w/him as well. :D

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Such A Spiritual Experience. . . .

Today we did our usual routine of rounding up the kids & getting ready 4 church. We headed out the door this morning since our branch is 4rom 9am-noon. Our sacrament program was of all the young women sharing their experiences 4rom their girls camp. Our branch president's daughter came 2 church w/a friend 2day 2 help her w/a musical number. One of those that required no singers @ the pulpit. Her friend played the piano while she played the violin & the song they chose 2 play was 'I Know That My Redeemer Lives' Immediately after they started playing I could feel my eyes watering up. The spirit of the Lord was in our sacrament meeting & it was so strong especially during that musical number. I was in tears. They played it so beautifully & it automatically took me back 2 the pre-mortal life. I started thinking that that's what it must've been like in that life. Beautiful music, feelings of serenity, surrounded by purity & all things that are GOOD. :D I started 2 feel a little homesick 4 a place that I really don't have any recollection of. But one thing I know I always have in memory & something that I recognize once it hits me is the LOVE our Heavenly Father has 4 each & everyone of us. That he was able 2 sacrifice his only begotten son, his 1st born, that we might be able 2 return home 2 our heavenly home one day.

I automatically felt such feelings of APPRECIATION & GRATITUDE 4 being able 2 be a mother in these last days. I am officially 1 day overdue w/my pregnancy & I'm totally content w/it. I feel the need 2 be more grateful 2 be able 2 have such a special bond w/our Father in Heaven in bringing these wonderful spirits here 2 this earth. I know our journeys in life are never easy. I admire those who are able 2 recognize the blessings of the Lord in times of adversity & are able 2 strengthen themselves as a result of their circumstances. :D I think it's so GREAT 2 be alive on this earth @ this time. What amazing technologies we are constantly seeing w/our own eyes being improved upon daily. The moving 4ward of the work of the Lord across the globe leaves me in AWE all the time. :D

It was definitely a GREAT & HUMBLING experience in church 2day. So refreshing 2 be able 2 be reminded weekly of the blessings that come w/just attending church. :D Being able 2 renew our covenants w/the Lord, being reminded of the importance of FHE, the blessings that come 4rom attending the temple regularly, paying an honest & full tithing. . . .& the list goes on. These are the things that make life so much more easier because you don't have 2 think about what you haven't done or what you're not doing, but instead, you'll have the security of knowing that you're @ least trying 2 fulfill all your responsibilities here on earth. I know that life is such a constant learning experience & I look 4ward 2 the life lessons that are constantly thrown our way. I feel very BLESSED in the sense that I really feel like my family is progressing not only spiritually, but temporally as well. Or @ least I hope so. Lol. I know it's a constant battle trying 2 keep things balanced in life, but I can honestly say that we've learned some real tough lessons over the last couple of years & hope 2 not make the same mistakes again. We've taken the necessary steps so far 2wards our goals & hope 2 stay disciplined enough 2 stick w/it. :D And all of these different thoughts/feelings have contributed 2 this special spiritual experience that I had 2day. I'm so happy & so grateful 2 be a member of the church & 2 know the things that I know. It helps me so much feel secure as a woman in these latter days. I hope you all had a wonderful sabbath 2day & I am looking 4ward 2 the start of the new week. :D

Friday, August 7, 2009

'Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people' Eleanor Roosevelt

I read this quote on a tweet 4rom Ivanka Trump. Daughter of Donald Trump. And 4 some reason it has STUCK w/me & STAYED in my mind pretty much everyday. Some deep words 4rom the former president of the U.S's niece. I've pondered these words & believe in them GREATLY. :D

It might've affected me more @ this time in my life because of the fact that my husband & I have really been discussing a lot of ideas we want 2 see come into fruition in the near future. We have really been taking the necessary steps in order 2 get things done & stay on track. We have our emergency reserve fund in place & have started on our long term savings. We came up w/a plan that we hope gets us thru the winter time w/out us having 2 tap into our savings. We have members in our branch that have been so generous in offering us discount prices on things we will be purchasing 2 get started on our food storage. We're looking into getting a stand up freezer this weekend in our continuous effort 2 stock up & cook @ home every night. :D Something I'm looking 4ward 2 doing. I love cooking & learning new recipes. Or I should say that I'll love cooking again once I have this baby & I'm able 2 be on my feet 4 longer periods of time w/out them swelling up. Lol.

Lately, I've been feeling a sense of URGENCY in getting our food storage 4 a year started on as well as having our savings in place. I don't know what it is. . . .probably the promptings of the Spirit, but I want 2 make sure that we're ready 4 whatever it is in life that may be approaching. It may be a test 2 see if we're obedient enough 2 heed 2 the promptings, but I just have this feeling. . . .that we need 2 prepare. It reminds me of that scripture in the Book Of Mormon: 'Now is the time to prepare to meed God.' I know. . . .deep stuff, right?? Just sharing what I've been feeling 4 the past couple of weeks. I'm so EXCITED 2 be living life in these last days & have really been EXCITED 4 the birth of our #6. The power & sacredness of the process of procreation w/our Father in Heaven has humbled me in ways that were much needed. The struggles of this life have helped me learn life lessons that I couldn't be more grateful for. I'm leaving the past in the past & am looking 4ward so much 2 a BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL future.

I've just finished reading 'The Great & Terrible' series by Chris Stewart!! :D I loved it!! I'm gonna start it again @ the beginning of the new week. It has helped me 2 see things in perspective & is such a GREAT read. I recommend it 2 EVERYONE. :D I'm onto 'The Mormon Way Of Doing Business' by Jeff Benedict as well as 'Broken Things To Mend' by Brother Jeffrey R. Holland. What can I say?? There's nothing I love 2 do more than 2 enjoy a GOOD read. :D Maybe I need 2 be looking into becoming an editor or publisher?? Lol. So I can read, critique & get paid all in one. :D That would be a dream!! See. . . .another idea that I'm really going 2 look into. Hehehe. . . .Anyways, gotta finish up this laundry so my husband & I can decide what we're going 2 do 2nite when he gets off. :D I hope you all are having a FANTASTIC week/weekend & remember. . . .'Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people' :D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1st Day Of Kindergarten!! :D

Polu Marie had her 1st day of kindergarten 2day. :D Wow!! Our kids are growing up so fast. I was home w/only 2 1/2 kids 2day. Lol. Including the 1/2 that's in my stomach. Lol. We got her all caught up on her immunizations yesterday so that she would be all set 2day. She did a GREAT job on her assessment w/her teacher last Friday. Definitely has room 4 improvements, but we're all so EXCITED 4 her little adventure that she's starting in her YOUNG life. :D