Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Under The Weather?? And A Little Bit Too Tired!! :D

So as you know, my husbands 1st week back 2 work is this week.  He was so EXCITED, but now feels like crap since he's caught the flu or something.  I'm going on 26 weeks w/my pregnancy & can honestly say that I've never felt better!!  :D  Heath wise, that it.  :D  I've been staying consistent w/my workouts & I feel great.  It cured my morning sickness & I haven't had any back aches!!  :D  But yesterday, 4 the life of me, I was so EXHAUSTED.  Like I ran a marathon over the weekend or something.  Lol.  I kept trying 2 get myself up & moving around, but all my body could do was sleep on & off all day long!!  :(  

I know this is a normal part of being pregnant, but because I've been really staying on top of my health & well being, I honestly thought that that wouldn't be the case w/me this time around.  I slept pretty much all of my 1st 2 months & figured that I was over the sleeping stage.  I know my tiredness came a lot from having 2 get up @ 4:45 am Mon & Tues 2 drop my husband off 2 one of his co-workers' house, which is no more than a 5 min drive 4rom here so they can carpool 2 work.  2day was the 1st day I didn't have 2 get up cause his co-workers now know the way 2 our home & I can honestly feel the difference.  So I guess what I'm trying 2 say is that my sleepiness is CURED & I feel GREAT 2day!!  :D  Lol.  I'm not sure how long I would've been able 2 manage being so tired all the time w/o going crazy.  I felt so unproductive yesterday & Monday, but I'm very HAPPY that's no longer case.  :D  

2day is starting out 2 be another very PRODUCTIVE day.  The 2 older ones are @ school.  I'm scheduled 4 a 1 hr appointment on my elyptical 4rom 10:30-11:30 & then I'm gonna shoot over 2 Jordan Landing & have lunch w/my BESTEST BUD, Kass!! :D  Then home 2 study some more 4 my real estate exam, pick up the girls 4rom school, take Polu 2 her gymnastics, & rush all 3 older girls 2 their Polynesian Dance practice right after. . . . .Whew!!  Lol.  And then head home 2 make dinner 4 us all!!  Hahaha!!  It's going 2 be GREAT!!  :D  I love it!!  

Hoko & I have been addicted 2 'The Apprentice' lately!!  Or should I say that I've been addicted 2 it & he has no choice, but 2 watch 'em w/me.  Hahaha!!  It's great cause my girls have been sucked in 2 this new addiction of mine & are true fans as well.  I'd so much rather have them watching 'The Apprentice' then the Disney channel.  No joke.  During 1 of the episodes last night, Aaliyah turned 2 me & said, "That Donald Trump is a very smart businessman.  I'm going 2 be just like that.  Omarosa isn't a good person cause she just likes 2 cause problems w/everyone."  Lol.  10 minutes later she turns back 2 me & says, "I need 2 get a job so I can start making my own money."  In which I responded, "Since you're too young 2 get a job, why don't you learn how 2 make some lemonade or how 2 bake cookies & setup a stand @ the corner of our street where you can sell them 2 our neighbors or even people driving by?"  Her mind immediately started racing as 2 what things she can learn how 2 make & sell 4 a profit.  She has $38 that she got 4rom her aunties, uncles, grandparents, & cousins as rewards 4 her hard work w/the Sunshine Generation Group & has decided that after she pays her tithing, she'll be investing her $$ in buying what she needs 2 make lemonade.  I'm proud 2 see her stepping out of the box & doing what it takes 2 make her own way.  It's so fun 2 watch, but more than that, it's comforting 2 know that she's learning these life long principles that'll take her 2 a whole new level in her life.  And early.  

I love seeing people out there working their butts off 2 make a life 4 themselves!!  :D  2night we'll be finishing up the 1st season cause I have 2 return it 2 the library.  We're so excited 2 get started on Season 2.  We're so behind.  Lol.  We'll have 2 pick up a Redbox 2night as well cause I've been dying 2 watch 'Bride Wars'  It looks hillarious!!  :D  I'll let you all know how it turns out.  Til then. . . .have a GREAT day & LIVE your life NOW!!  :D  


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adding On 2 Our Already Busy Lives. . . . . :D

It is DEFINITELY going 2 be a FUN & BUSY summer.  We are so ready 4 it!!  :D  We're signing Polu Marie & Sila up 4 soccer 2day which starts next week.  We haven't told them yet & probably won't until their 1st practice next week Monday.  They'll be involved in that twice a week, Mon & Wed from 1-2 pm.  Polu is still involved in her gymnastics as well & we were thinking of getting Sila signed up, too, but have decided 2 not put her in too many things.  Lol.  We're signing Lote up 4 her Cheerleading class that she's been waiting so patiently 2 start.  We haven't told her, either, but she starts next Saturday.  :D  Aaliyah's still going strong w/the Sunshine Generation Group.  In June she will be starting a Skate Camp.  No. . . .not ice skating or roller skating.  But 'SkateBoarding'  She's been asking Hoko & I 2 get her a skateboard because she would love 2 learn more about 'em & how 2 ride 'em.  My nieces & nephew have 'em & she rides theirs all the time.  Her & Lote have been doing their end of the year testing yesterday & today & based on what their scores are from it will determine if we sign them up 4 Skate Camp & Cheerleading during the summer months.  If the scores aren't as good as they should be. . . . .then we will be putting them in summer school.  :D  We're BIG believers of teaching our children self discipline.  :D  

And all these activities will be add-ons 2 what each of our girls are already involved in.  We're so EXCITED 4 them !!  :D  I love that they're growing up & am very GRATEFUL 2 have the extra help around the house.  I'm PROUD 2 say that I no longer have 2 wash the dishes EVERRR because we've taught our 2 eldest girls how 2 rinse the dishes, load the dishwasher, & where the cleaning agent goes.  Their 1st week of taking care of dishes was last week & they are definitely going STRONG.  They don't ever complain because of the fact that they see how much of a help it is 2 me that they've taken on this task.  I'm happy 2 report that they are very WILLING 2 do their part in our ever growing family.  And they feel more of an importance when they know that they each have different roles 2 fulfill as well as having the feeling of being able 2 help out.  It's an AWESOME thing 2 watch & be a part of.  :D   This weekend I'll be teaching them how 2 do laundry.  Their own, of course.  Lol.  I would never be that CRUDE as 2 have them be in charge of the whole family's.  Or maybe it's my fear that all my WHITEY WHITES have the slightest possibility of coming out pink.  Hahaha!!  I love being a mother & seeing how the never ending teachings in life benefit me so much.  I feel like I'm the 1 that learns the most.  Just watching them & even hearing them talk 2 each other.  It's amazing the things they talk about amongst each other & even 2 me.  Lol. All these add-ons may be adding on 2 our already busy lives, but I'm sure that they're teaching us all in our family very important principles in life.  The 1 single most principle that I know will benefit us all most is HARD WORK.   I know 4 sure that someone who knows how 2 work hard will always come out on top.  :D  

'The Soloist' or 'Obsessed'??

Last Saturday Hoko & I planned a day of movie hoppin' @ the 'infamous' District.  Lol.  We started out by watching 'Obesessed' starring Beyonce Knowles, Idris Elba, & Ali Larter.  The movie turned out 2 be OKAY. . . . .I felt that Beyonce would've been MUCH more interesting playing the part of the stalker instead of the perfect WIFEY, which she already is in real life.  I thought that Ali Larter wasn't psycho ENOUGH.  Lol.  Especially since the movie was compared 2 the likes of 'Fatal Attraction.'  That movie is wayyyy PSYCHO/CRAZY!!  

We also watched 'The Soloist.'  This 1 got a rating of 'GOOD.'  It wasn't 'GREAT,'  which is what we were both expecting it 2 be.  I thought that maybe it was just cause we were both so tired & yet we were still being die hard & catching the late show.  Lol.  But when I got the text from Kass the following night & her opinion reflected exactly what we thought about it as well, my feelings were confirmed.  :(  Aside 4rom not being able 2 enjoy a really GREAT movie that day, all in all, it was an AWESOME day/night just being able 2 spend it w/my husband.  

It was our last weekend 2gether before he returned 2 work yesterday.  He has been home 4 almost 5 months & was very EAGER 2 get back 2 work.  We have been very blessed 2 have him home 4 the time being since he commutes w/a couple of his co-workers every morning 4 a drive that's a little over an hour commute.  :D  Not bad @ all.  :D  He works 4 a company where they are usually gone out of state 4 pretty much half the year or more & then during their slow season, which is during the winter months, they are home.  We learned a lot this time around about what our PRIORITIES need 2 be & are very OPTIMISTIC & DETERMINED 2 do things differently now.  We find it very EXCITING 2 look back on our journey so far & learn 4rom our mistakes so as 2 not make them again.  :D  

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Magic Word?? Abra Cadabara!! :D

Another Monday night of FHE was a 'BIG HIT' with the kids.  :D  We had a very short lesson on 'CHOICES' before we headed 2 our local library 4 an HOUR of PURE MAGIC!!  :D  The girls had a BLAST & it was AWESOME!!  Lote got a chance 2 go up 2 the front & help the magician with 1 of his demos.  It was GREAT!!  Hoko & I found ourselves laughing with the crowd & oooh'ing & ahhhh'ing (if those are even words, lol) along w/everyone else.  It was GREAT!!  :D  It's definitely times like these that we cherish & will remember 4 years 2 come.  I love it!!  My son even enjoyed it & only got bored with the last 2 min of the show.  So all in all. . . .it was definitely a SUCCESS!!  Lol.  

Hair & Make-up Anyone??

So last Friday we were home w/the kids watching movies & the girls asked if I could paint their nails??  :D  Well, we took it 2 a WHOLE 'nother level & added some make-up & I let the girls style their own hair since they've been so PATIENT w/me styling & playing w/their hair 4 the past month now.  Lol.  I love having girls!!  And mines are so girly girl that it makes it even easier 2 try things w/them & on them.  Hahaha!!  

We also celebrated my bday last Saturday.  It was a GREAT day!!  :D  My husband woke up BRIGHT & EARLY & threw down in the kitchen.  He made me a homemade breakfast 2 die 4!!  :D  Sweet Italian sausage w/scrambled eggs & toast on whole wheat bread & pancakes!!  :D  I was a HAPPY camper 4 the rest of the day!!  Lol.  We headed 2 watch his brothers/cousins play rugby as well & then ended the night w/dinner @ Sudai.  An AWESOME Thai restaurant up on the eastside!!  :D  It was GREAT!!  It's made me that much more GRATEFUL 4 WONDERFUL family & especially a even more WONDERFUL husband!!  I love you so much!!  :D  Thanx 2 my sister & brother 4 taking us out 2 dinner.  Nothing beats GREAT food & even BETTER company.  

Oh & I almost 4got. . . . .Hoko's sister made a bday cake 4 me & Tina yesterday since our bday's are only 2 days apart.  It was the YUMMIEST, most CHOCOLATIEST cake I've ever eaten.  Lol.  It was GREAT!!  So thank u 2 everyone.  I'm so GRATEFUL 4 everyone in my life.  Thanx 4 the SHOUT OUT KASSIE!!  :D  You're so SWEET!!  :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gymnast Of The Month!! :D

Our daughter, Polu Marie, has been in gymnastics 4 only a month now & 2 our surprise is 'Gymnast Of The Month'  :D  We're so proud of her!!  She's our middle child & has always been very athletic!!  She's an AWESOME blessing in our family & she's definitely one 2 always STRIVE 2 DO HER BEST!!  That's what makes her stand out!!  She works hard @ everything she's involved in & never gives up!!  :D  She's AWESOME & we LOVE her so much!!  :D  

We're so EXCITED 2 watch her grow as we are with all our children!!  :D  There's nothing I'm more GRATEFUL 4 then being a parent!!  :D  It's the MOST REWARDING & WONDERFUL job & CHALLENGING job everrr!!  Lol.  But the UPS definitely outweigh the DOWNS.  :D  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FHE Activity!! :D

Last night we took the kids over 2 our local library 4 our FHE activity.  The kids were able 2 make rabbit masks.  They had a blast!!  :D  And the best thing about it is that they provide everything!!  :D  I love it.  We get 2 leave everything there & return home w/our crafts!!  :D  Unfortunately, there are no pictures of my husband or my son cause he couldn't quite grasp the concept of sitting still & coloring his bunny mask.  He was much more interested in all the books surrounding him @ every turn.  Lol.  So my husband walked him 2 the playground outside & spent the hour there w/him which was great, too, since it was so SUNNY & WARM out.  :D  We totally ended our FHE w/dessert that Hoko made!!  YUM!!  It was GREAT!!  

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Hunting!! :D

Our Sabbath day started out with a program @ church given by my parents.  They asked my daughter, Aaliyah, if she would do a musical number 4 them.  So she did.  She sang, "I'm Trying 2 Be Like Jesus."  And they had Tasha bear her testimony.  It was a great program where we were reminded of how SIGNIFICANT an event the atonement was 4 all of mankind.  It filled my heart with gratitude knowing that because of the atonement of Jesus Christ, we are all able 2 repent of our sins & return back 2 him.  

We had an Easter potluck afterwards filled with DELICIOUS food & I must say that I was definitely PROUD of my sister 4 throwing down in kitchen!!  Lol.  Those of you who know her, know that she doesn't cook.  But she surprised us all yesterday with a baked ham, chicken casserole & potato salad.  It was GREAT & tasted DELISH!!  :D  

It was such a BEAUTIFUL sunny day yesterday so Hoko spent the day outside in the backyard with all the kids taking in the sun while I hybernated indoors cause I was wayyyy too full 2 walk anywhere.  Lol.  Jr invited Emily over & she brought some homemade wheat bread that I ate this morning & it was so GOOD!!  We had mom's chocolate banana cake & trifle 4 dessert.  :D  

After our potluck, we headed over 2 Fine's 4 an Easter Egg Hunt 4 the kids.  It was so much FUN!!  There were so many eggs 4 the kids when we got there & we totally added 2 it all cause we brought 250 more!!  Lol.  It was GREAT & the kids had a BLAST!!  Taeao had games & prizes 4 them all setup.  Polu Marie was our 1st place winner of 'HANDS UP STANDS UP'  And Lote was our 1st place winner of 'SIMON SAYS'  They were tons EXCITED 4 all they had received & 4 just being able 2 enjoy the company of their cousins.  :D  

Aaliyah's 1st Performance!! :D

It has been such a BUSY weekend & I didn't have time 2 blog until now.  Lol.  On Saturday Aaliyah had her 1st performance with 'The Sunshine Generation Group'  It was FANTASTIC!!  She has been practicing 4 an hour everyday 4 the past 2 weeks & it DEFINITELY paid off.  She had so much FUN up there singing & dancing her heart out & we had even MORE FUN watching her.  She was EXTREMELY happy 2 see all her supporters come out 2 support her.  :D  So a BIG THANK YOU 2 all of you who made it out.  

Her 1st performance was @ the Easter Carnival @ Wheeler Farm.  We had a blast!!  It was such a busy day.  :D  Before heading over there, we took the kids 2 our ward Easter Party!!  Where they got 2 color their own Easter baskets & go on an Easter egg hunt.  It was great & the kids had so much FUN!!  :D