Sunday, January 31, 2010

University Of Utah Women's Gymnastics!! :D

It's that time of the year again & we had the opportunity once again 2 go watch the 'U' women's gymnastics meet against Georgia University. I got a family pass 2 it last year as a part of my gift bag 4 New Moon. :D We had a blast & it was PACKED!! We were part of making school history in the most in attendance @ their meets. A WHOPPING 15,552!! :D May not sound like much when compared 2 football, but it made school history. Lol. The 'U' girls did an AMAZING job & won their meet. The family time spent w/the kids is always PRICELESS & we look 4ward 2 getting out there & exploring the many many family fun & family friendly activities this state has 2 offer!! :D

We made a quick stop @ the grocery story 1st so we can pick up some goodies & drinks. Then we headed up 2 the meet. When we arrived, the weather was GREAT!! A little cold, but not too bad @ all. When the meet was done & we were ready 2 head home, we walked out of the Huntsman Dome & were greeted w/our most favorite thing on earth!! SNOW!! Lol. It was so BEAUTIFUL!! The size of those flakes were so BIG & WHITE that we had 2 snap away on the camera & catch our favorite time of year. :D

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday 2 Our Growing Aaliyah!! :D

Yesterday we had the opportunity 2 celebrate our daughter, Aaliyah's 9th birthday. :D We had our families & friends over 4 a small dinner along w/ice cream & cake afterwards. Aaliyah's request 2 us earlier this month was if I could take her shopping cause she was in 'DYER' need of some new clothes since she was growing out of her current ones. So Hoko & I took 2 the discount stores & bought Aaliyah some new clothes as well as 2 pairs of shoes. :D She was in need of new shoes as well since our dog, Titan, took it upon himself 2 pee in her shoes. Lol. So GRRRROOOOOSSSSSSS!! And I really mean that!! Lol. We washed her shoes in the washer, but it seemed 2 come out a little ruined. We found some GREAT deals & didn't have 2 spend a ton on her stuff.

As one of my goals 4 the New Year, I've decided that we are going 2 make all of our kids birthday cakes 4rom here on out. :D It not only saves us so much money, but it's so much more sentimental & I've noticed that our kids take so much more PRIDE in knowing that we actually took the time 2 make it 4 them. It's great!! :D With that said, I took 2 the WORLD WIDE WEB 2 look up a cake 4 Aaliyah. Since I'm all about the Food Network, that was my 1st stop. I was browsing away when I came across an ice cream cake. Since Aaliyah's getting older, there was no 'PRINCESS' cake option. So I thought the ice cream cake would be perfect!! :D I quickly looked over the directions & it seemed pretty simple enough so we did a test run 2 days before her bday. It came out GREAT & we ended up making her 3 of them since they do come out a little on the small side. Lol. Her AWESOME auntie Taeao came w/a HUGE bday cupcake 4 her & it was so TIGHT!! :D She made it herself along w/all the decorations on the outs that she did w/different color frosting. :D We love & appreciate all of our families & friends that were able 2 come out & celebrate w/us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AALIYAH!! You'll never know how much you're BEING in our lives has helped us CHANGE 4 the better. :D We love you so much!! :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

Savou's 1st ER Visit. . . . .

Savou had his 1st trip 2 the ER last Thursday. He's given us quite a scare since then. We're here @ Primary Children's & Savou's vitals are looking GREAT so they're considering sending him home. :D It's been quite the weekend experience.

We rushed Savou 2 the ER @ Primary Children's Riverton Hospital last Wednesday night because he spiked a fever & was wheezing a lot. His breathing also increased quite a bit & when my dad looked him over, he diagnosed Savou w/bronchiolitis. Which is exactly what he has. They ran a bunch of tests on him 2 see what exactly was causing his bronchiolitis & everything came back negative. They gave him a breathing treatment called albuterol & sent us home when his breathing came back down 2 normal as well as his temperature. Savou slept well all night, but in the morning we headed back 2 the hospital's respiratory clinic so he can get suctioned out cause he was having trouble breathing, again, which was causing him 2 not be able 2 eat. After he got suctioned, he sounded a lot better, but his heart rate was fairly high. We were sent over 2 the ER 4 the doctor 2 look him over. Because all his tests came back negative, they sent us home again. We ended up back @ the ER that night due 2 Savou's breathing. Which was abnormally fast. We were sent home once again after he received a suction as well as another breathing treatment. He slept through the night & did really well all day sleeping off & on as well as eating. We had planned 2 take all our other kids 2 watch the 'U' Women's Gymnastics meet against Georgia, which is a WHOLE 'nother post, lol. When we returned home, Savou seemed 2 be breathing really really fast. This time we took him straight up 2 the Primary Children's up here @ the 'U' & as soon as they hooked him up & they saw his heart rate, it was so CHAOTIC. It seriously took me back 2 my ER watching days. You know, that show. I used 2 watch it all the time. I never actually thought I would experience my own real life episode in my own life. Let alone w/one of my children. :( Savou's heart rate went all the way up to 230 & the norm 4 infants is between 110-130. They were racing 2 see what was going on. I pretty much broke down. I've never felt so HELPLESS in my life. I had a constant prayer in my heart 4 my son that I LOVE so much. Tears fell helplessly down my face as I watched Savou get poked 5 different times w/needles as he was calling out 2 me & looking @ Hoko & I with that look on his face like, why are we letting them hurt him?? I almost lost it. I was so devastated. I knew that everything that was being done 2 him was necessary in order 2 help him, but I couldn't help thinking of the Savior & his pain he went through in the garden of Gethsemane. I said a quiet prayer in my heart & asked Heavenly Father 2 please spare Savou the physical pains that he was feeling @ the time.

Savou was so dehydrated when we took him in that it was so difficult 4 the nurses 2 draw blood 4rom him. They had 2 call the IV team in 2 come & get his blood as well as 2 start an IV on him. I was thinking of how painful & uncomfortable it is 4 me when I would have 2 get IV's on me everytime I gave birth & I cried even more. This 5 month old baby of mine having 2 feel that kind of pain?? But not once did I complain or asky 'WHY' because I know that there are a ton of children in this world & in this very hospital that are going through a lot more pain than Savou. And I was very careful not 2 complain or come off ungrateful 4 fear of offending my Heavenly Father.

I am very happy 2 report that Savou is on the road 2 recovery & we have HIGH hopes that he will continue 2 get better & that we will be able 2 take him home 2morrow. :D It's been a rough couple of days 4 our baby boy, but he's fighting his way through it & we're EXTREMELY hopeful that he will recover fully in time. :D Aww, 2 reps 4rom the church just came in 2 check on Savou & 2 see if we needed anything. They left a copy of the Ensign which I haven't had a chance 2 pick up so this totally made my night. :D They also left info on the Branch they have here 4 the patients & their families. How AWESOME is that?? :D Wow!! We will definitely be attending the Branch if we're still here by Sunday. This is just one of the many updates going on in our family right now. Keep us in your prayers. :D