Monday, January 6, 2014

Down And Up Mass Day 1

Today was the first day of Jim Stoppani's Down And Up Mass seven week program. It was chest and arms today. I loved it. I'm incorporating cardio acceleration into this program. Jim says it optimizes fat burning and I've missed it so much. 

This was how cold it was this morning. OMG!! 

After dropping the kids off to school this morning, I headed straight for the gym. Hoko's home this week so I'm taking full advantage of hitting the gym first thing in the morning. Plus, I read an article from Jim where he says its ok to hit the weights first thing in the morning in a fasted state as long as you take your preworkout supp beforehand and a protein shake immediately afterwards. So that's precisely what I did this morning. I added a banana, flaxseed, all natural peanut butter and two cups of spinach to my protein blend. It was deelish and very fulfilling. That muscle milk I picked up at Costco last week with the graham cracker flavor is so GOOD!! 

Dressed up in layers this morning cause its so cold!! I love my Adidas sweater!! It's so slimming and matches my sweats perfectly!! 

I was taxed in the gym this morning. But I loved my workout set!! It was GREAT!! 

And yeah...I totally worked out in my Uggs today cause I forgot to change my shoes. But I love my Uggs. They're so comfortable!! Best investment everrrr!! I need to get me a couple more pairs. This winter has been really cold. I'm super excited to workout my legs tomorrow!! 

Anyways, I took some pics this morning before my workout and I swear I look a little smaller than last week. Lol. It might just be me, but I'm my own worst critic so I don't know. 

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