Monday, February 2, 2009

Aaliyah's Baptism. . . .

We had our daughter's baptism this past weekend & it was definitely a life changing experience.  Both for her & for us.  It's beyond me to see how fast all my kids are growing now, but I'm so excited & blessed to have them in our lives.  Aaliyah's aunties came & picked her up early Saturday morning & took her dress, shoes, jewlry & everything else she needed for HER day.  :D  They also took her to get her first REAL haircut.  She got her hair layered & she loves it!!  So her day definitely started out GREAT.  We rushed over to the stake center for her baptism & even though we were a little late, they couldn't start without her or ME for that matter since I was the first speaker up.  LOL!!  I was given the topic of BAPTISM & Hoko was given the topic of the Holy Ghost.  Boy was he a happy camper that day.  LOL!! There was a miscommunication in the stake & what we thought was just going to be our little family there turned out to be three different families with three different programs.  So the Bishop did his best in combining all three & unfortunately, I still had the honor to speak. 

We were blessed to hear a musical number from one of the brethren & (I'm sorry, but I've forgotten his name) he had me in tears as soon as he started.  I tried to keep my composure, but all the tears came streaming down my face as I pondered on how significant an event we were celebrating.  Aaliyah was making her choice to become baptized & to be accountable for her own sins.  I asked her how she was feeling & she said she was nervous, but excited at the same time to finally become a full member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints.  She also said that she was happy that she would be receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost to help her make right decisions in her life.  And all this coming out of the mouth of my little 8 yr old.  She continues to amaze me w/how strong a spirit she has.  I am so proud of her.  I'm grateful for WONDERFUL families & friends that came out to celebrate with us.  We enjoy seeing all your beautiful faces & spending time with you all.  But most importantly, Aaliyah feels so special when you all come out to celebrate with her.  

Barbara came out to her baptism as well representing our primary presidency & did a spotlight on her.  She also received a gift bag filled w/goodies that she was very excited about.  Her auntie Sheena & uncle Nick came bearing gifts as well.  She received a book on baptism as well as a poem that I'll be framing for her, & from her auntie Tina & Uncle Asi, she received a CTR ring which she loves & never takes off.  From aunties Line & Sara, she got her FAVE:  $$.  LOL!!  I tried to convince her to hand it over so we can pay some bills, but her aunts were very specific in giving her instructions not to give it to ANYONE including me.  LOL!!  We had a great time & once again, thank you all who were able to make it out.  :D