Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day & The Day After. . . . . :D

Christmas day started in our home @ 6 am w/baby Savou being the 1st one up. :D We had some last min gifts 2 wrap 4 the kids 4rom Jr & Emilee so we were already up anyway. Polu Marie made her way up the stairs @ about 7:45 & then she woke everyone else up 2 come up. So we had it all planned that we weren't going 2 buy our kids any gifts this year in hopes of getting into the TRUE meaning & spirit of Christmas, but Hoko couldn't hang. Tuesday came along & he walked into the house bearing gifts 4 all the kids. Especially 4 baby Hoko. Or it might've just seemed that way cause he was so slow 2 open up his gifts being that he's only 2 yrs old so he wanted 2 play w/everything he got before moving onto the next. By the time he hit his 3rd gift, he was done opening gifts. Lol. He was wayyyy too EXCITED 4 the ones he already had. :D

Before the gift giving started, I printed out the story of the Savior's birth & the 3 wisemen & we read it 2 the kids before all the CHAOS began. Lol. The story comes 4rom the New Testament book of Luke Ch 2. :D We asked the kids a couple of questions, then offered a prayer of thanks 4 all that we've been blessed with as well as 4 being able 2 celebrate the birth of our dear Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. :D As soon as all the HOOPLA was over, we got dressed 4 the day & headed 2 Salt Lake 2 see my sister & her family. :D We chatted it up as the kids played & played & played. . . . .Soon enough, it was time 4 us 2 head back home & start cooking. We had planned 2 go TUBING after we ate, but the kids wanted 2 stay in & play w/all their stuff they had just received so we did just that. :D My nieces & nephews came over later & we baked brownies & ate til we couldn't eat no more. Lol. :D

Day after Christmas came & Hoko & I headed 2 the gym 4 an early morning workout!! :D It felt so GREAT & we'd never seen the gym so packed!! Lol. I guess we weren't the only ones there running off the holiday goodies. :D When we returned home, we showered, got the kids dressed & headed 2 our neighborhood park 4 some TUBING fun!! :D And it was a TON of FUN!! :D But I think being out there all day did it 4 my kids. Most of them @ least. That night was when the fevers started & the throwing up followed by the body aches & all. :( Saturday night was the worst, but they're still recovering as of now. We kept them home 4rom church so as 2 not get any of the other kids sick. I don't even remember the last time we missed church. With all the kids being sick except 4 Aaliyah, I'm glad that we did. They seem 2 be recovering well. Savou's been the worst of the bunch. But I'm so GRATEFUL 4 his SWEET spirit cause he's still such a HAPPY baby. Even though he's up all night long fevering & coughing, he's still so SMILEY FACED!! :D He teaches me so much. . . .as do all my children. So selfless & finding joy in the most SIMPLEST of things. :D I guess that's why children are of the kingdom of God. They are so pure & so loving. :D 4giving in a blink of an eye w/out being asked 2. Loving unconditionally regardless of our weaknesses/faults. Always filled w/endless curiosities so innocently pure. And that is the very reason why Hoko & I love being parents 2 these AMAZING children of ours. It's so EXCITING 2 see them grow up & we're so GRATEFUL 4 the opportunity we've been given 2 be their parents. :D We ended our week w/a GREAT temple night. :D Came home & my sister was waiting 4 me so we can go watch 'Sherlock Holmes' Unfortunately, when we got 2 the District, it was sold out. We'll try again next weekend, maybe. :D It has been a very busy & very fulfilling week thus far & I'm anticipating another one @ this beginning of a new week. Happy Holidays friends & family & wishing you all a very Happy New Year. :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Great Temple Experience. . . .

We had the WONDERFUL opportunity 2 go do some temple work @ the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. :D This temple is only a 1 min drive 4rom my house, if even that & yesterday was the 1st time we've been there. And can I just say: WOW!! That was all that was going through my mind. This temple is so BREATH-TAKINGLY beautiful, it gave me the chills. I love all the temples that we've been to, but this one definitely has a separate place in my heart. Not just cause of it's BEAUTY, but because of how much it reminds me of the Bountiful Temple. Which is the very temple Hoko & I were sealed 4 all time & eternity. :D

We had such a WONDERFUL time as we always do in our attendance in the house of the Lord. But the calming feeling that carries on w/us throughout the day is something so PRICELESS & can't be found anywhere else, but in this sacred place. With the CHAOS & HYPE of Christmas coming 2 an end, I'm so GRATEFUL 2 have been able 2 go 2 the temple last night w/my husband & continue moving the work of the Lord 4ward. :D It is definitely an AMAZING way 2 end 2009 as it is coming 2 a close & I'm so GRATEFUL 4 all that I have been blessed with. Especially 4 the things that matter most. . . .families, friends, the Lord, gospel, scriptures, a modern-day prophet, the library w/it's endless amounts of literature 4rom all different genres & eras of time, a hard-working husband & very healthy kids who keep us very very busy in our day 2 day lives. :D Having listed all that. . . .I am in AWE of the LOVE that our Father in Heaven has 4 each & every one of us that he so mindfully blesses us all so ABUNDANTLY. :D And yet he asks so very little of us in return. . . .things that bring us TRUE HAPPINESS in this life as well as in the next. I'm ETERNALLY grateful 4 both a LOVING Heavenly Father as well as a LOVING Saviour who have given us an opportunity 2 work hard in this life that we may be able 2 return HOME someday. :D

Often times I find myself on my knees in secret prayer asking my Father in Heaven 2 please send my love 2 my Heavenly Mother. 4 if we have a Father in Heaven then surely we must have a Heavenly Mother. Being a mother myself of 6 very healthy & very active children, it's very mind-boggling 2 me 2 think of our own Heavenly Mother whom is/was our mother in the pre-existence. I am so very THANKFUL 4 the gospel. How WONDERFUL the love our Heavenly Father has 4 us that he would reveal unto us a 'Plan Of Salvation' which is our road map back 2 live w/Him again. :D Things like this make living in this 'lone & dreary world' possible & even WONDERFUL @ times. :D With 2day being the Sabbath Day & all. . . .these are the thoughts of my heart & I will always be GRATEFUL 4 temples here on earth. :D And I will never take advantage of these blessings. :D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis' The Season. . . . :D

2day has been a very SPIRITUAL & MOVING sabbath day. It started @ 7 am. We start church @ 9 so we had 2 make sure we were a little early 2day. The girls were asked last Sunday if they could participate in the Christmas program 2day. Aaliyah was given John 3:15-16 to recite & then they were 2 sing 'He Sent His Son'

John 3:15-16 reads. . . .'That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.' 'For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.'

'He Sent His Son'
How could the Father tell the world
Of love & tenderness?
He sent his Son, a new-born babe,
With peace & holiness.

How could the Father show the world
The pathway we should go?
He sent his Son to die for us
And rise with living breath.

What does the Father ask of us?
What do the scriptures say?
Have faith, have hope,
Live like his Son,
Help others on their way.

What does he ask?
Live like his Son.

The whole program was FILLED w/different types of musical numbers given by different families in our branch. The Tuione girls did their musical numbers playing their musical instruments. 2 of them play the violin & the other plays the cello. They are AMAZING. They brought such a CALMING spirit into our sacrament meeting. And a boat load of tears came rolling down my face. :D

After sacrament, we joined my dad's temple prep class which is always REFRESHING 2 go 2. Reminds us of the things we learned & had 2 endure & continue 2 endure in order 2 reach exaltation. It was GREAT. As soon as Sunday School ended, Hoko & I parted ways. Me 2 Relief Society & Hoko 2 the Elders Quorum. When we entered the RS room, it was decorated so beautifully. The chairs weren't lined up in rows as they usually are. The room was filled w/round tables & it smelled so WONDERFUL in there. The aroma that filled the air had my mouth watering IMMEDIATELY. Lol. Our AWESOME RS Presidency put on a brunch 4 the RS sisters. Nothing fancy, but that didn't take away 4rom the quality or taste of the food @ all. :D We were fed all different types of soups that we were able 2 choose 4rom & scoop into bread bowls that were homemade by one of the counselors, Kalo Amasio. :D They were DEE-LISH!! :D Our Branch President's wife, Trina, shared w/us a short message on the real reason 4 the season. :D Reminded us all that Christmas is 2 celebrate the birth of our Savior. Minus all the hype of Christmas tree decor, presents that include toys & clothes & shoes galore. . . .but is in celebration of our dear Savior's birth. Trina reminded us that in order 2 have the spirit of Christ, we need 2 be GIVING. Giving of our time, talents & services in order 2 move the work of our Lord 4ward here on earth. She ended w/the mormon message that I will end w/as well. Merry Christmas 2 all of you families, friends & passerby's. :D Happy Holidays 4rom our family 2 yours. :D


So, our handsome Savou has been growing @ the speed of light, it seems. Lol. And not just bodywise, but his hair as well. This funny little fella has the kind of hair that is so thick & full all around his head, except 4 the top. Lol. It's the FUNNIEST thing. With his sides growing so long, it seems 2 be growing right into his ears. Since he has curly hair, it's long, but curls right into his ears. Poor thing. . . .it's constantly irritating him cause it itches him all the time. In his efforts 2 satisfy his itching, he tends 2 scratch himself on the sides of his face. :( I ended up tying his hair into 2 pony tails & even though he looked like a girl. . . .I left it in all day!! :D I'm happy 2 report: PROBLEM SOLVED!! :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Julie & Julia'

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! It is so AWESOME & so INSPIRATIONAL!! :D After watching this movie, I have decided 2 start a cooking blog. It'll be separate 4rom this one cause I wanna keep this one about my family & I. :D

4 all of you that have already watched the movie, you know where I'm coming from when I say that I'm committing myself 2 one year of trying out new recipes from a certain cook book of my choice. :D I haven't picked one out yet, but I'm happy 2 report that I have several cook books here @ home & I will be picking one out w/in the next week or two & I will start my 1st day on New Years Day!! :D Yay!! I'm so so EXCITED!!

I keep having a back & forth conversation in my head trying 2 decide if I'm going 2 go w/Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Ina Garten or pick a healthy cook book, which would require me 2 purchase a new one since my Weight Watchers CB doesn't have nearly enough recipes 2 last 4 a WHOLE year. :D So I guess with that said. . . .I'll be going w/one of the ones that I already have & the consequences of that will be either eating in smaller portions or else KICKING UP my workout regime. I think I'll GLADLY go w/the 2nd. Lol. :D But I'll probably TRY 2 eat in smaller portions as well. :D Gotta set an example 4 our kids so they don't think they have 2 INDULGE in every meal. :D

WOW!! I'm so ECSTATIC. . . .I just can't wait 2 start!! I'm so glad I have a little time 2 plan out my WHOLE menu 4 next year!! It's definitely going 2 be a very PRODUCTIVE & very EXCITING 2010!! We have been BLESSED immensely & are so very GRATEFUL 2 see the Lord's hand in our everyday living. :D It has been such a WONDERFUL year so far & I'm so HAPPY 2 be ending it on a GREAT note. I honestly LOVE the start of a NEW YEAR!! It's always NICE 2 continue working on lifetime goals, spiritual goals, temporal goals, family goals & so forth. I love it!! :D

Anyways, if you haven't seen this movie. . . .I highly recommend you see it!! It's so GOOD. :D I gotta end this post cause I have a ton of things 2 get done on my 'TO DO' list. Happy Blogging!! :D

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy 4 Months 2 Our Happy Baby Savou :D

Yay!! Another month has come & gone & our baby Savou has hit his 4 month mark. WOW!! :D He's growing up soooo FAST!! We haven't gotten much sleep these past 2 weeks due 2 our little fatso going thru the TEETHING STAGE. :( It's pretty much been a hit & miss w/our kids. Some of them experienced the pains of this stage & others never felt a thing as their teeth started 2 break in. Something I'm definitely GRATEFUL 4. :D

It's been such a JOY watching Savou grow & develop. It's the funniest thing cause he CONSTANTLY has his tongue out. Always licking his bottom gums. We change his clothes on a good day. . . .maybe only 3 times. Lol. It's always wet from his drool. But I seriously have no complaints cause in every other way. . . .he's such a GOOD baby. Hardly ever cries, always smiling, always talking, loves 2 be read 2, loves 2 stick everything in his mouth, never even cries when we change his diaper, loves taking baths, loves when our girls take time 2 talk & play w/him (which is pretty much all the time, lol), doesn't seem 2 love sleeping cause he's always awake. . . .LOL. . . .& the list goes on. We love our handsome STUD & continue 2 be so EXCITED watching him INTERACT & GROW. :D Happy 4 months Savou!! :D

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Half Way There. . . .

This past Friday we were able 2 head north 2 Ogden & join in the celebration of our baby sister, Taeao's graduation 4rom Weber. :D We're so so PROUD of her. With all the struggles that she's had 2 go thru 2 get 2 this point. . . .I am very HUMBLED & GRATEFUL 4 the FAITH/EXAMPLES that she continues 2 set 4 us. :D She is an AMAZING young woman!! :D

She's 'half way there' & is looking 4ward 2 another 2 yrs of schooling 'til she receives her Bachelors Degree. :D We headed 2 Chuck's afterwards 2 get our GRUB on. And boy did we GRUB. Lol. I swear Ogden has the BEST Chuck's in UT hands down!! :D Every Friday is 'SEAFOOD NIGHT' & the options 2 choose 4rom were so YUMMY!! :D With FAMILY around. . . .it's always a GREAT time!! :D And we are definitely so GRATEFUL 4 all of ours!! :D