Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years!!

I started today out with a green smoothie. I made quite a bit so I drank only half of it and headed to the gym. I was so excited to hit the gym today cause it was LEGS day and I was curious to see how my body would handle the tabata style weights blast. Cause I am hella sore from yesterday's chest and abs. And it's been a while since I've had that. Can you say, BODY SHOCK?? Lol. 

Saw this on IG this morning and I loved it!! This pretty much sums up how I've approached my fitness journey this past year. Weight lifting has never been something I've done, but as soon as I made the choice to do it, I've never looked back and it has always been the one thing that takes me out of my comfort zone. And it has been the change that has made the biggest difference on both my mind and my body. Because you have to be strong mentally to be able to take your physical capabilities to new heights. It's amazing!! 

I love this Tabata Weights Blast workout set for the week. It's another workout set from Jim Stoppani. It's a week long and you decide how long you want to do it for. I'm only doing it for this week while awaiting his new program he's releasing next Monday. I can't wait!! I've continued to progress in my fitness and I love this lifestyle!! 

Left pic is from January of this year. Totally skinny with no muscles. It's also the first day of the change that was about to happen from bodybuilding type workouts. I started out with Jamie Eason's 12 Week Live Fit program and loved it. I saw so much results from it. And from there I just started picking different programs from They're all FREE and they all work according to whatever your goals are whatever hard work you put into it. 

The right pic is from today in the gym. My body totally looks bigger, but I actually weigh less. And I can hecka see my muscle increase throughout my body. It's crazy!! But I'm so happy to see where I'm at and how far I've come. I'm even more excited to see where I'll be at by the end of 2014!! Cause I will never stop this lifestyle. I love it too much and I know Heavenly Father didn't instill this passion in me for me not to pursue it with everything in me. And for me, I just wanna have a BANGIN' body and inspire those around me that you can have whatever you want. As long as you're willing to put in the work, you're already half way there. Just DECIDE to DECIDE. 

That's always how I feel after a GREAT workout!! I leave it all out on the floor and I never look back!! My body has gotten me so many gains in so many different areas!! This year I'll be working towards my goal weight and shrinking my waist and toning my love handles. I'm so excited cause its already in the works.

Walked hella slow on the stair master afterwards and then went and stretched in the sauna. 

I'm in love with the curve in my back and the gains on my butt. I've busted my butt for it so I'll gladly admit it. I am not genetically blessed with great glutes so I don't skip legs day!! I double up on it sometimes. Lol. Nbfr. 

I'm excited and grateful to be alive and healthy for another new year. I can't wait to keep going after the goals that I fell short of in 2013. And the new ones that were never made in 2013. I'm so looking forward to 2014!! I've been blessed abundantly and am so grateful to a loving husband and a loving Heavenly Father. Happy New Years family and friends!! Thanks for being a part of my life and accepting me as I am.  

Just a little humor to end this post cause we all know how true this is!! Lol. 

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