Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bday Breakfast For A Special Somebody. . . . .

Last Tuesday was my beautiful niece's birthday. She turned 13 yrs old. She has been such an amazing person to have as a part of our lives since the day she entered it. She is very soft spoken unless you happen to be someone by the name of Gemini. Lol. Which is her little brother who she can't stand even though we all think the world of him. Hahahaha. . . . .I guess it's a sibling thing. Nevertheless, we love her for always being so humble in her ways. She never asks for anything. And I mean it. . . . .I can't remember a single time in her life that she's ever asked me for anything. She took forever to finally START to come out of her shell. She's very timid, keeps to herself, & doesn't like to trouble anyone. She's AMAZING!! Her simple ways have always been what's kept us all very overprotective over her.

As she's getting older, it's been kinda hard to know what means a lot to her when it comes to special days such as her birthday. But my mom & I thought she would love to just be taken out to breakfast with just us & no one else. She's really sentimental so that's exactly what we did for her. We took her to breakfast at Market Street Grill & chatted with her about anything & everything. After breakfast, she was all smiles & thanked us & it was as simple as that. I hope & pray that she will continue to be the smart & loving person that she has always been. We love you so much Mercedez Vainuku!! :D

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