Sunday, May 6, 2012


I know it's a new month and all, but I have to document this since it means so much to me. I'm extremely blessed to have the people that I have in my life. There are only a handful of you that I honestly consider true friends/girlfriends. And even more so, the fact that you guys are my sister inlaws makes it that much more special. Fine & Sheena....I love you guys. Thank you for being there when I really just needed to talk or vent or laugh or cry or sing or be mad or chill or whatever.....thanks for making time for me in your lives. Thanks for knowing me well enough to be able to get me gifts that I would absolutely love n use!! I love you two so much & cherish the bond we share. We're pretty much girlfriends that act a fool no matter what the occasion when we're together. I appreciate you both. I'm grateful for the both of you. :) I don't take for granted the relationship that has developed between the three of us & I appreciate the good times, the bad times, the fun times & more so...the personal times. Here's to it only getting better. I love you two!! :)

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The Lomu Family said...

I love this post! It's always good to have people in life you can always talk to about anything!

BTW It's good to see you blogging again, I haven't read a recent blog from you in a while.

Hope you and the family are well! Love you Fiona!